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The Wall Of Tears


Sheilah A. Cornish-Samuels

Early one weekend morning

I was sitting in my comfort zone,

A garden of flowers and green grass

In front of a wall of stone.

An elderly man entering my comfort zone

Just one of the many passersby,

Stopped to question my sadness,

Wondering what pain caused me to cry.

He questioned me why I was staring

At this vast wall of stone,

Especially with such beauty around me

Giving life to my comfort zone.

I replied, with a quiver in my voice

Hoping not to show my fears,

“This vast wall of stone, is know as

The Wall of Tears.”

“Those of us who’ve found it

Come to cry in front at times,

Sometimes with joy and happiness,

Other times looking for signs.

Hoping and praying for answers

To the questions we frequently ask,

Wanting to change for the better,

Knowing we cannot change the past.

Staring at this vast wall of stone

Known as “The Wall of Tears,”

Somehow makes everything else

Pointless and obscure.

In reality it gives us no answers

To those questions we frequently ask,

Because deep down inside, we know it’s up to us

To make a brighter future and make our own happiness last.”

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