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They Danced 


Sherry Ermish

She looked so beautiful in her lovely dress of white

He looked very handsome in his tux as dark as night.

They met out on the dance floor awaiting their first song

The music started playing and they danced on and on.

She looked at him so longingly with her eyes so full of love

He wrapped his arms around, her said, You're my angel from above.

Gracefully they floated their feet across the floor

Not knowing that a knocking would soon be at the door.

The fifty years of love and laughter that they shared

Was all they ever needed to show how much they cared.

Their children were their pride and joy each and every day

They guided them so patiently along life's merry way.

The children now are grown, have families of their own

Their grandkids are a blessing; the seeds have now been sown.

Then one day, so suddenly the knock came at the door.

An angel said, "My son, you can't stay here anymore."

He worked so hard; he gave his all and did his very best

He lived his life; his work was done; now it was time to rest

She loved him like no other and treasured his love for her

She knew a love like theirs would not again occur.

She touched him very gently and whispered these words to him

"My life was filled with blessings and I would do it all again."

They met out on the dance floor awaiting their first song

Now the music has stopped playing but the melody lingers on.

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