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Sonny .O. Azeez

Alfred, Alfred,
Today I will not be in bed,
Neither will you see me trim the flowers
For dawn will come empty as the shadows in my tower
Where I forever rest.
Alfred, Alfred,
Heart to heart, I wish you best.
Fate has determined this day,
What more if not the golden sun's ray
That will make me linger, for a moment, by your window.
Alf, where is Fred and Alfred?
The tomb from the womb of the weeping willow,
The one with blue, white and red fairies
From the pages of your dog-eared diaries.
The darkness of this hood.
Alf, where is Fred and Alfred?
I hear them singing in the wood,
Their hearts, pounding against their ribs.
Where are the twins with the rose lips?
Alfred, my dearest Alfred, lead them back home,
To their rooms and honeycombs.
Alfred, pleasant Alfred,
I shall be gone behind the hills,
In search for the fragments in the shadows.
Protect these chambers from ill
For rest I must. Yours forever --- Annie Pillow.

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