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Unicorns Amaze the Heart


Stephanie L.

Who knew unicorns were going to take a total twist in our lives? We miss them dearly. Even if you thought unicorns werenít true your wrong how could such a magical creature be fake. Yet More people think they are fake than true but if they canít believe another unicorn dies with rage and sadness. Most of the populations of unicorns have died because people donít believe. Yet if you have faith there could be a chance for unicorns.

Imagine if the world was filled with the mystical creatures. Running while a gust of wind blows their fine silk mane. And their horns are sparkling in the risen sun. Their cinnamon sweet scented breath. Their big blue dark eyes looking around the peaceful world. They glide in the sky with humans on their backs grasping their silk mane passing every cloud in the sky. Wouldn't you wish there were a place like that?

Well there is a place like that I once heard. Itís far away and they call it the Enchanting Forest. Well I once heard there are fairies there to. Those Little creatures that can fly and their wings sparkle in every ounce of the sunshine like a unicornís sparkly twisting horn. Well I've always wanted to go there and someday maybe in my dreams Iíll visit the magical enchanting forest. The wonderful fairies sprinkling love on the world. The wise unicorns so smart yet elegant and graceful. And the wonderful forest filled with sweet lullabies and tropical fruits and eye piercing flowers.

Oh how wonderful it would be to fly in the sky and pass all the clouds and feel the sunlight beat your back. On the unicorn.

And then Trevinna the girl feel unconscious. And then all she could see in front of her eyes was a green forest, and she walked into the forest. And there were fairies prancing on the most eyes piercing flowers, sparkling dust was all around them.

Then I thought I was dreaming but it felt so real. I could hear and smell the forest. And I thought could this be the enchanting forest - yes, it must be. But where were the unicorns, the most joyful part of the forest.

Well then a sudden Mist caught Trivinnaís eye; the mist was the shape of a unicorn. The creamy white silk fur glowed as its dainty little feet stepped closer and closer to Trivinna. Then it was so close that Trivinna was looking in to its mystical blue eyes. She reached out to touch itís snow white mane as smooth as silk. And then it jumped away and ran into the forest. Trivinna chased after it. Although the one horned creature was fast it stopped every few seconds to let Trivinna catch up. And although she was out breath when she stopped running. She was incredibly happy of what she saw and it was worth the run. What was it? It was a

beautiful gold necklace studded with diamonds and in the middle of the chain hanged a shiny little crystal carved unicorn. Trivana was also happy

about the unicorn brining her to a beautiful place wear a water fault flew. The unicorn gave Trivinna one more present she bent down and Trivinna

climbed on her back and flew into the sunlight. The only question I ask was this only a dream?

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