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Cracker Jack Man


Steve Quick

I went to popcorn and peanut land
To meet the Cracker Jack Man

To say he looked strange was an understatement
He filled my eyes with pure amazement

He was a most jovial sort
He was tall. No short

His eyes were the color of sparkling blue glass
In one a monocle. He said gave him class

His hair was in braids of greenish red hue
A most radiant color for any hair do

He spoke with a most eloquent tongue
His words came out as if a song

His hands were covered in allsorts of jewelry
With these I can perform all sorts of tom foolery

I think he was young. No maybe old
When he smiled his teeth were like polished gold

We sat in the vines
And sipped mango wine

It tasted sweet. No sour
It had a mystical power

It took my mind far. No near
Everything was cloudy. No clear

And then I heard birds on the wing
What a wonderful song they could sing

I rubbed my eyes , felt the warmth of the sun
A new day had begun

My friend disappeared leaving no trace
And there sat a beautiful bird in his place

Was it the wine? Was it a dream?
Or was it some impossible scheme?

But now at night while in a deep sleep
Into my dreams he will creep

And we sit, talk and sip mango wine
And he helps me with my next rhyme

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