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One Man Band


Steve Quick

I was just passing through this small town
Walking Main Street. Looking around

People, shops, small town fare
Even checker players on the Court Square

I'm just an outsider enjoying the view
I don't know what these folks think or do

Then suddenly from down the street
A cacophony of sound both sour and sweet

And marching into view was a wonderful treat
Musical instruments piled atop two feet

Drums thundered and horns blared
Music was coming from everywhere

People began to smile and laugh
All on this musical beings behalf

Clapping their hands and stomping their feet
All to the rhythm of this strange beat

And joy rose to the tops of the trees
Sung by the birds. Buzzed by the bees

Music continued to play and play
As down the street this apparition marched away

Then suddenly silence from street to roof
The music was gone, vanished, went poof

Why was this happening so joyous, so grand
A man smiled and said, "why son that's our one man band"

It makes us happy to hear him play
And it's nice to be happy if only for a moment each day

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