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Simple Words


Suzanne Tyson

A single rose on my door step. A simple note signed love you.

Years dwindled, and I lingered, as a young girl again, the older

version of myself fading away with the sight and scent of its petals.

The simple gesture immeasurable to me, freeing me for one brief moment.

Always amazing me! Raising my soul to my heart, you come to me

As a lover! As a friend despite the many years we’ve shared. Memories

unfolding and overwhelming my senses. Memories of youth and truth

love and respect. Some brightly lit. Some dim, but always with love.

We shared the trials of God’s testing of faith. Two souls as one.

Moving, losing, gaining. Boring routines. Right then wrong.

Wrong then right, but always with simple words. Simple ways. Simple days.

Bills and problems and children to raise.

Living high, then living low. Up and down with the flow of life,

I wondered where and why and how

we kept on going. But we did.

With simple words.

With sweet, simple words of love.

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