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Suzanne Tyson

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with the written word and with words in general. While other children were interested in sports and other physical activities, I preferred to quietly curl up with a good book. I was the ultimate bookworm.

I must confess I endured a great deal of teasing, but it was well worth it to me. I would be asked, very seriously I might add, how was I able to sit still for endless hours without moving "just" to read a book or two or three or a half a dozen. To me, however, I wasn’t sitting still at all. I was traveling. First class. I was moving through time and space to the past and to the future. I changed my identity, my nationality, my personality, and my life with each new character I took on through the eyes of my book’s author. I could be riding in a covered wagon across America’s frontier in the morning and by afternoon, I would be in a space ship traveling and discovering new planets with strange atmospheres. What could be more exhilarating! It was a priceless experience and my gateway into learning about human nature, hopes, and dreams based on a simple and, I might add, free library card.

As I grew older, I read less. Not because I wasn’t compelled to, but adult responsibilities crept into my life, one by one stealing my precious free time to read. I became a busy wife and mother traveling from place to place as a military dependent. Slowly, as a substitute, I began to pick up a pen and pencil, writing down my thoughts and eventually stories, and I made an amazing discovery. I found writing stories was more entertaining to me than reading.

At first I was embarrassed over my stories and poems, and I was honestly terrified to allow anyone, including my family, to read my work. I kept a bright red binder hidden in the closet for my eyes only. The truth is I was afraid of criticism. The sad part is I allowed my fear of criticism, the key to improvement, stonewall a wonderful opportunity of sharing the most important passion of my life.

At present my family and I lead a quiet life in an extremely small and friendly village. My children are grown adults, and I have all the time I desire to write. Now I travel, not by another writer’s whims, but on my own. I choose the time, the place, the ways and the means and who I would like to be. It brings me great joy, and when I write, I pray I am able to effectively share this joy with others. This is, indeed, the most exciting time of my life, and I am no longer frightened of criticism.

Now when someone asks me, Suzanne, what do you do, I proudly tell them I am a writer. When they go on to ask me if I have published yet, I tell them no, not in the sense of receiving a check, but it’s of no consequence. You see, I have come to believe ‘being’ a writer is not an occupational title, it is a state of ‘being.’ It begins in the soul and works it’s way to your fingertips. It’s a natural order of things. There is no choice, even if you spend years denying it.

To the young people who spend their energy and time to contribute to this website, I commend you for your talents and your efforts to bravely share your work. You have set an excellent example for me, and I am grateful.

May God help you find the words to speak your heart. I pray each time before I write, and I thank Him each time I have finished a piece. Thank you, God.

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