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T L Taylor

The weight of the burden on my soul

is crushing me today.

My mind is filled with darkness, anguish.

I have again allowed myself to be

ripped to shreds.

Your soul reached out to me

and like the proverbial moth and flame

I was drawn to your radiance;

the purity of your flame.

And just like matter sucked

inexorably into a black hole

I—my soul—has been annihilated.

Truth is freedom? Perhaps.

Is everyone prepared for the truth?

Do they want to hear it?

You apparently do not, are not.

Now you have turned your light from me.

And my soul has turned black.

Yet I can still feel that the light exists.

And that, too, burdens my soul,

causes me pain, fills me with anguish.

I feel, and you do not care,

your life goes on without me

and you are the same—

but I have been decimated.

The knowledge that I have alienated you—

turned your soul away from me—

leaves me without hope, without joy—

and will haunt me, torture my soul,

for the rest of my life.

I am sorry. You are beautiful.

My soul is crushing me today.

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