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Caged Revenge


Tanvir Mohammed Abdul.

Limitation, the unavoidable confinement and savoir, it is a factor that halts the over construction of something to otherwise negate a possible negativity within. Everything has its limits, and even I myself, am limited to the number of continuous mental rejuvenation that I must go through every day. I had the best I could, borne the thousand injuries that my friend had caused me. We we’re working partners; Everett and I, two wealthy men and of course two jolly good friends. But I began to despise this man for he had abandoned our friendship and ventured into the world of mockery. He tinted my name, my class and reputation with a stain intolerable! Little does this man know, that my tolerance is limited, and the efforts of my healing from his wounds have already subsided, and I Scarlett Powers will assure this man pay a deadly price.

It was evening, the sky was dim but had strides or reddish clouds creeping in. It was mid-October and a hot feeling interrupted the naturally cold sensations of this season, for I was hosting a grand dinner at my mansion and Everett was to attend, this mere anxiety caused me to oppose the cold temperature, thus I knew that I was to dispose of Everett here today.

Dusk arrived, and the superb dinner had come to an end, Due to his playful and childish nature mixed with his current drunk state, Everett decided to stay longer at my manor. We were longed into conversation, and to speak in all honesty, I felt as if he really was my friend. But he was not, and it disgusted me to watch how he was taking me as a friend yet knowing that he would betray this seemingly blissful friendship to venture of into the world of insult. So I waited no longer and led him convincingly to a chamber deep within my manor.

‘What’s this lad?’ shouted Everett gleefully.

‘Oh nothing but a chamber’

‘Oh don’t you start your games lad! I know there’s something my old pals got in here!’

‘Clever guess, old friend. Why this is the chamber that holds one of my finest treasures, that I so happen to have the intension of sharing with you!’

‘Oh! What kind of a treasure is this?’

Out of a compartment deep within my chamber, I brought out a bottle of wine.

‘Behold old friend! Tonight we shall have our cheers with the finest of red wine in the country! I’ve been saving this treat for the both of us’

‘My, oh my, the same old fancy Scarlett! Why I’d be delighted to have taste of this rare gold!’

‘Excellent! Now then, let us proceed to my most exquisite dining room.’

Thus we entered my exquisite dining room and sat down at a marble table. With a smile I poured the red wine into gold cup and insisted on him to taste it. Naturally he drank the whole cup with no hesitation, for he prided himself as being a dear friend with alcohol.

‘In the many names of god! This is remarkable! Oh may the maker bless the hands that created such a delicacy!’ said Everett in tones full of spree.

‘Why yes this is true bliss to the taste.’

‘Ha! You humour me lad, you speak of taste without even tasting it?’

‘I’ve tasted all that lingered upon this tongue of which had a will strong enough to bare them. But today I will sooth this tongue and heal its bitter pain for I shall feed it a meal to cease its helpless drooling.’

Suddenly, Everett’s ecstatic mood was defragmented into hints of cautious awareness. With an abstruse face he began.

‘What exactly do you speak of?’

‘Everett you know, that you have wronged me many times in the past and present. But you will no longer, for I have tasted victory’

‘Victory!? Huh…’

‘Oh my, such a blustery tone you use, as if you know my plot, well what was expected will not be hidden from you, old friend… Everett your drink contained poison, but it doesn’t end here. As you know I want to see you cringe, struggle and collapse before my towering stature, so let me tell you this…you may still live for there is an antidote hidden within this room.

‘You malevolent scum!’

‘Staggering accusations will not substitute an antidote, you best begin to look.’

His mind like one of a beasts’ and this dining room like a cage that confined him, had he left my domain he dies, but if he lingers with no intention he will again perish. I turned a fancy treasure into a zoo of madness with an animal struggling to find his sanity while entertaining my own.

It didn’t take long before he had found the antidote which was sitting in a far shelf within the dining room. And as soon as his hands grasped it, a snicker was brought out of his face once terrified.

‘Guess the poisons too late, and your childish mind that enjoys games just gave you an aftershock.’ said Everett while drinking the antidote.

‘My game… that, I have won the moment you drank the antidote. Inside that antidote, that very savoir you danced for inside my manor today was the actual poison.’

His face, petrified. No words slit through his lips for the shattering sound of the bottle he dropped reflected exactly how he felt. Feeling the brutal affects of the poison he kneeled in pain, and as he had done so I summoned a painful yet pleasing smile.

My task was done. And even though I knew the consequences that would come I was satisfied, for this cold sin was the only remedy I knew that could heal such painful scars.

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