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Shedding Skin


Theresa Cecilia Garcia

You don't have to be a liar today
seeking stupid presumption in complacent scorns
between soft pillows and swarthy ideology.

You don't have to function full speed
seeking heroin as your only faithful companion while chasing youthful exuberance
at the bottom of a lake still strapped to your fancily upholstered Jaguar.

You don't have to play the victim of a fancied grievance while remaining
deaf to strident and desperate voices who laugh scornfully as you buy them
vintage drinks and Cuban cigars.

You don't have to sob with implacable urgency
as vain tenderness and burnished blue pupils drink from your radiance.

You don't have to offer up empty explanations
as you shed your skin and discard your rusted shell filled with rubbish
and hypocrisy.

You do not have to be the scandal on their ferry while they worship in
whispers doused in wild perfume and painted cheeks.

One single kiss and the page is turned.
No one will presume to ask for an explanation. Therein lies the beauty.

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