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Etiquette in A Congregation


Tiffany Alfonso

Part 1

When we think of congregations, we think of going to church, synagogue, or temple for a celebratory service. But there's more to them besides prayers, rituals, and benedictions. It's our behavior that counts, regardless of what religion we are. My persuasive composition on congregational etiquette are guidelines for a worthwhile gathering.

Inside a sacred site, I recommend that cell phones and pager are to be turned off. For example, if I call my boyfriend to come over at my house to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL season or a baseball date with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays during Mass, I'm not listening to the priest! Even worse, I don't seem to care about the meaning of the sermon! So it's best to call your friends at the end of the service, no matter what denomination you participate in. Or, when in doubt, leave your cell phones at home!

Does being punctual have to do with congregations? Of course; it's the most important thing next to doing the same thing when going to school! If you're tardy, wait for a break (I mean an appropriate break) in the service to come in, so the worshippers (and the celebrant) wouldn't worry about it.

Outside the places of worship will be the most acceptable place for a chat with your friends. Like arriving late to church at the wrong time, a talk about the movie you've watched inside can be a raucous pet peeve to the worshippers.

Be respectful of the people praying before and after the service. That means, NO TUGGING ON THEIR ARMS OR TAPPING ON THEIR SHOULDERS WHEN THEY WHISPER PRAYERS!

Part 2

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