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Instructions on Putting on A Show


Tiffany Alfonso

Shows are absolutely fun to watch as much as to perform in it. Looking at all the acts in one program, the stunned audience applauds them loudly afterwards. There's nothing like a presentation that gladdened billions of viewers worldwide of all ages. But, what is a show and how do you make it?

Whenever I hear the word "show," I mean a theatrical show, so-called because it's presented at a theater. Displays of that type are neither limited to Broadway musicals nor magic acts; it can be virtually anything ranging from famliy-oriented revues to adults' spectacles. Shows are shown not only in community venues, but they're seen in theme parks, ballrooms, reception centers of hotels (if it's a wedding or other formal occasion of that type), and football fields. The joy of performers displaying a dazzling array of numbers leaves an audience begging for more.

If you are raring to put on a show, count your blessings; it's rigorous labor, but it's going to be exciting. First of all, you'll need a theater, preferably twelve feet by ten feet. If you cannot find a theater in your local community, ask your inhabitants in your neighborhood (parents sometimes included) to assist you in building one. If it's a very special event regarding formal clothing, you would ask them if they could make the presentation in a hotel or other ballroom. Everybody knows that a show needs performers, so hire students from local schools (or colleges) who have talent and do something to dazzle the eyes who see them. If money pulls your leg, tell your friends who love to do their talents to perform, especially your adult neighbors!

Next, sew some eye-catching costumes to astonish your toughest critics viewing it. If your show includes dancers, either ballet or whatever dance form that's usually performed on stage, mend one in which they can move freely in. Then, tell someone to do the props and backdrops (use lighting if it's dark, shady, or indoors) if feasible. An optional thing to do is to videotape the whole program, making it a colossal keepsake. Subsequently, use music in the show to make it much more effective. You can bring a stereo, CD player, cassette tapes, CD's, or have performers BYOM (bring your own music). If they play a particular instrument, whether brass, woodwind, or string, that's fine! Then, arrange the seating for the viewers (use more seats if there's a large capacity). Also, print tickets and advertise; people can't wait to pay admission for talented amateurs (or performers)! The process is followed by the rehearsal of the acts, to ensure perfection. Finally, the magic begins on opening night!

In conclusion, what magical thing is presented on the center stage? If you guessed a show, it actually is! They created worldwide acclaim of entertainment that attracted billions. Fine concerts, On-and off-Broadway musicals, and others dazzled them in living talent. If you wanted a public display of talent, let's put on a show!

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