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The Day When all the Theme Parks Ran Empty


Tiffany Alfonso

September 11

September 11, 2001 was a sunny day at theme parks worldwide,
Children laughing,
Teens chatting,
Costumed characters entertain people of all ages,
Everyone had a blast there.

But suddenly,
They fled away from the parks,
People screaming,
Children asking,
"Why are we getting out of here, Mom?
We have just begun the fun,"
Why did they exit the parks early in the morn?
Why should they?

Maybe because it was a gas leak,
Or maybe because a monster broke loose from a lab,
On the other hand, there might be a terrible weather forecast,
There must be a good explanation for this conflict,
A reason why all the theme parks ran empty,
It could be something that frightened them...

The most probable reason of all,
Were three tragedies that appalled one nation,
Who was responsible for this terror,
Who made all the theme parks ran empty,
These tragedies were terrorist attacks
Which they all took place in America.

The Middle Easterners crippled the Pentagon in Washington, D.C,
They also painted one Pennsylvanian field with demise,
Worse of all, they toppled the beloved Twin Towers,
The tallest structures in New York,
All caused by the Middle Easterners who hijacked four planes and crashed them into those places.

Three days later,
All the theme parks were bare,
No shouts of fun for almost a week,
Many tourists go to places of worship,
Many people say prayers,
Many bawl at the people killed by the ruthless Middle Easterners,
It was a day for consolation, grief, and mourning.

Few weeks later,
All the theme parks changed their attitudes,
Buying tickets are not the only long lines that tourists stand,
The theme parks' security personnel checked their bags,
Why wait for those lines?

Thank goodness that park security personnel is a pro besides the cons,
They helped make the tourist industry stronger,
They helped people feel safe in the attractions,
Best of all, they prevented another day,
When all the parks ran empty,

Let us hope there will not be another one,
Not one more day,
When all the parks ran empty,
May God continue to bless America.

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