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The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter Two

The school year was finally over and I have a bundle of chores to do around the house. On a beautiful summer afternoon, I tidied my closet, which did not look much as a pigsty as my closets in houses I have lived in the past. Suddenly, I saw an intense luminosity that almost blinded me in my closet and I had to guard my eyes with the palm of my hand. When I put my hand down, I found myself in a place that seemed a tad similar to lobbies in five star hotels. Someone greeted me with a grin comparable to that Asian girl with a raunchy mouth from a television advertisement.

"Where am I, sir?" I asked.

"Madam, welcome to the Katrina Resort Vacation Package Center, or KRVPC," the chap grinned with enthusiasm, "My name is Kyle Mort, and I want your name besides your real one."

"Whiz Kid Forte, sir," I responded, "I named myself that nickname because I am certainly intelligent about music, particularly classical."

"Congrats, kid," Kyle replied happily and knowingly, "You are going to treat yourself to an Inspirationally Good Stay package, the grandest of all of the trip choices here at KRVPC. You deserve this great opportunity to have a family style, summer vacation not only because all your state test scores are above average, or your musical intelligence, but you deserved this because of your dream last night."

"You mean the one with some parts of EPCOT missing." I said.

"Absolutely correct, Madam," he replied, "Boy, are you lucky!"

He showed me to the receiving pavilion and a turquoise luggage with my name in gold slid down a chute typical of airport baggage claim centers. I picked it up and found a set of personal belongings all corresponding to the themes of performing, visual, communication, and literary arts. The complimentary baggage in red with my name engraved in black, more personal belongings, a pass for a stay at a hotel named "Regis Manor," sixteen maps in sets of four, and a camera arrived later. Afterwards, a black camera bag complete with film and camera arrived and it has my name engraved in white. Kyle placed a wallet in the turquoise luggage engraved with my name in gold and he told me that it contains a card whose account was three Noders, a currency equal to three million dollars. After I met the health requirements of the subterranean transit that was now loading names M through Z in a station that was located from a trip down the escalator, he escorted me in and it was complete with all the amenities of a luxury train. He loaded my camera bag in the overhead boxes that were identical to the ones in airlines and he loaded the rest of my cargo in the cargo car. As I strapped myself in, the transit turned a curve and it chugged its way up the lift hill, characteristic of roller coasters. A transit conductor told me that this was a coaster without the inversions and it has a steel track and I am going to have the ride of my life.

The train careened down the lift hill, hovered over more hills, and swerved around hairpin turns. I heard shouts of kids screaming, "It's too fast!" or "I'm going to feel sick!" in the background as I rode this thrill ride. The transit halted to a complete stop at a station leading me to a loading platform for tour buses, but since I am a first time tourist to Kartrina, I have to go to the briefing room before I load myself on the bus. After I took my stuff with the help of a conductor and the bus station staff, I went there for an introduction to the many pleasures of this impressive, multi-theme park resort.

As I watched the presentation, I learned that there are four theme parks in the resort: Ovationia, Grosso Rico, Rhymbina, and Point Slarshy. I also saw some people wearing astonishing costumes and they act exactly like characters in most theme parks! The presentation showed that these people are the costumed characters of the resort and they do things like theme park characters do (e.g. put on some shows, cuddle people of all ages, participate in parades). The presentation said that the best way to play in the magic was to stay in the middle of it (i.e. stay at a resort), and that was my plan for this vacation. I exited the briefing room and boarded the bus, bound for a trip to a magical place for tourists of all ages.

Chapter 3

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