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The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter Five

"Mr. M," I asked as I, himself, Hans, and the Brandenburg Boppers trotted down the park, "Why did you go to the Bocal Village Resort Hotel instead of the Slarshy Inn?"

"Ma'm," he said, "The hotel stated that there's only reservations for the smoking suites so I stayed at the villas of a resort hotel devoted to essentially good things about bassoons. You should thank Regis Manor's staff for allowing the Makin' Rookie Package owners to have a character breakfast only."

"Great," I smirked, "Let's hustle on to this adventure though the fantasylands!"

"Sensors show that Doodlin' Davey is located at the 'Legend of My Love, My Love' stage show in Magixland and as reported, he changed the film part of the attraction with a 1994 Aussie film not suitable for his age." Playful Peasgood intruded perceptively.

"Come on, all you populace," Hans persuaded, "We have a resort to save."

When we arrived at the silver screen part of the attraction, that song (i.e. the one in which the vocalist have been to paradise and she have never been to herself) played in harmony with the munching of tortilla chips. Besides watching a movie deplorable to children, I can tell by the munching sounds that this five-year-old Rembrandt was scoffing them in an attraction when he was informed not to. Suddenly, I noticed the film cease and a shadowy figure confiscated the chips from him. He ran to the main entrance of it and we stood stagnant, appalled.

"Remember me, kid," the chap uttered, "I'm Kyle Mort from the KRVPC."

"Pleased to meet you again, sir," I replied, "Now tell me why are you joining us."

"Since I have appreciated your devotion to the arts, I wanted to join forces with you and your comrades in finding and capturing the youngster who doodles everywhere besides the walls. May I do this, madam?"

"Of course, my assistant," I answered, "Why not?"

"Vivaldi's wig," Playful Peasgood interrupted alarmingly, "He's heading to the Wild River of Orocan log flume ride, this time with Magic Markers in shades of teal, green, blue, and rust."

"Sounds like big trouble, folks," Kyle announced to the group of participants of the adventure (including me), "Let's roll!"

We scampered as fast as we could when we gaped at the sight of mechanical arms attached to the boat's sides in the loading station. Doodlin' Davey boarded it and we boarded the one behind his.

As we approached the top of the first lift hill, we spotted teal marker lines adorning its walls. This ride was identical to Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and all Disneyland Parks Worldwide, but its theme was the Philippines instead of "Song of the South." In the middle part of it, those houses matched the theme as well as its music, robotics, and scenery. If my family would have ridden it, they will be reminding themselves of their old home while having a great thrill ride. The mechanical arms on the doodler's boat withdrew as it approached the final lift hill and it careened down a fall, ending with a splashdown indistinguishable to all flume rides.

"Where's 'dat artist?" Kitty Arfken asked as we scaled up the lift hill.

"Miss Arfken," I responded, "I believe that Doodlin' Davey nose-dived down the falls and…"

"Nose-dived down the falls?" the rest of the party gasped startlingly as the boat ticked its way up a few more inches before the splashdown.

We surged down the falls, screaming our lungs out as if we were like kids having a phobia of haunted houses in many amusement and theme parks. When we departed the ride, we spotted some tracks resembling those of preschoolers' feet that were painted a neon russet. We followed it until the trail stopped on one of the sidewalks of Musica Boulevard. We sat on the markings with our names as if we were watching another round of parades. It felt a tad balmy and we wondered why were we sitting there.

We were stunned at the sight of Doodlin' Davey standing on the drum major's podium. A drum and bugle corps in rehearsal clothes marched down the streets and marched into their preparatory formations. Packs of varsity dancers and ten color guard members were wearing leotards of flashy colors, footless tights in a rainbow of tints, legwarmers of distinct hues, and ballet slippers in split-sole dyed in numerous shades. The corps started to play and the musical selection were songs from "An American Tail." The Bersag horns (i.e. the type of bugle played in modern-day drum corps) were plated in primary, secondary, and neon colors. Additionally, the Saxes blended their tone colors with the horns and drums, composing a union of sound and fantasy. The dancers showed off their leaps, kicks, turns, and other balletic routines that capture the whole drill. Then the whole corps did a staggering, elevating, heartwarming, visual, and stylish rendition of "Somewhere Out There" with the dancers again linking their routine fitting the tune to ballet. It was a spectacular performance, but confusion fused into the excitement as well.

"Wait a rottin' minute," 'Soonist Sally crowed, "Saxes aren't supposed to be in a drum corps; they're supposed to be in a marchin' band!"

"Golly," Mr. M gasped, "Those dancers and color guard kids looked like youths from twenty years ago because of their Spandex garb and their fuzzy warming thing-a-ma-jigs on their legs."

"My calculations indicate that the film 'An American Tail' was filmed in 1986 by a Texan named Don Bluth," Playful Peasgood said as she displayed the digital information pad to me, "That must be the appropriate reason why the varsity and color guard groups were wearing those apparel."

"I watched the movie a few times," I said, "But how did that juvenile drum major select this drill design and musical arrangement in a ComMedia Della Artesia Park? In addition, how did woodwinds enter a drum corps when it's supposed to be only brass and percussion?"

"That preschooler liked to break the theme of this park and he'll break the drum corps' traditions." she sighed tentatively.

"Hey Davey, you Davey," Hans sang as he stopped the show, "Trying to break the theme…"

"Break the theme?" one of the color guards whined, "Why should he break the theme?"

"As said in code 4657.3894.890, a showpiece, like drum corps drill shows, should fit within the lines of the ComMedia Della Artesia theme," Playful Peasgood declared, "But this young man, the drum major, used a drill show with music from a Universal Studios film."

"We just had started the fun doing this," a varsity dancer bellyached, "Why fit the themes."

There were null answers from all of us and suddenly the corps, dancers, and color guard dwindled into the same height as Doodlin' Davey himself. According to Playful Peasgood, he transformed all the kindergarteners to a drum corps with youths of various high school ages as part of the plot to deface Kartrina a year ago. He assigned some bugle parts to Saxes, stole a drill design and musical arrangement for bugles of the film "An American Tail," and they practiced in a field where they are not supposed to be trespassing. Not only did the Picasso vandalize the resort, but also he held drum corps' rehearsals in an unauthorized location and he has done a great deal of stealing. We went to an underground dorm as large as shopping mall, complete with beds, refrigerators and bathrooms. Furthermore, we spent the night there, anticipating for the next day.

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