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The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter Seven

The next day, we arrived at the entrance of Rhymbina, the third oldest theme park in the resort complex.

When I first entered the park, an ocean of stardom drenched me with mixed feelings. It was a captivating utopia that had a noteworthy main drag that's renowned in Hollywood, a section of Los Angeles remarkable for its films and celebrities. Unlike the latter, it was centered on Hollywood musicals and Broadway's melodic follies from the Roaring Twenties to today. It was the hub of the whole park, a crumb similar to the Disney Studios Park in Florida. The exquisiteness of them diffused through every nook and cranny of the entire park. A black-haired, Belgian woman who's wearing glasses looked at us with a flabbergasted look in her face.

"Playful Peasgood, Rompin' Rachel, Kitty Arfken, Cherry Plucker, 'Soonist Sally, and Hans Glutcher," the damsel asked excitingly, "Where have you been, comrades? I've been looking all over the resort for you!"

"It's been a long story, Bullfiddler Bruggemeyer," Playful Peasgood said, "I believed that you know why we have two visitors and one of the managers of the KRVPC."

"Well, I'm trying to find you comrades because my fellow friends who remained in Regis Manor got me involved in this escapade by telling that I must join you," Bullfidler Bruggemeyer answered, "I heard you were involved in this too, so I got lost a bit."

"That's fine, Bullfiddler B.; you're now with us," Playful Peasgood replied as she patted her back. She then turned around and said, "Mr. M, Whiz Kid Forte, and Kyle Mort, meet Bullfiddler Bruggemeyer."

"I'm so very pleased to meet you, Ms. B.," Kyle Mort said as he shook her hand. He then questioned, "What's the trouble here in Rhymbina?"

"Come to the Crown Palace Hotel and I'll show you." the lass smirked as she led us there.

We arrived shortly at the hotel, which was actually the Bean and His Friends Checks In ride. It was a freefall ride, but it's three stories shorter than the Tower of Terror ride at Disney's counterpart of this place. On the garden leading to the entrance, the path was lined with many varieties of California's bountiful perennials that lasted until the fall of 2006. Palmettos, tropical ferns, maintained topiaries, and trimmed hedges adorned the Spanish-roofed lodging for the posh.

Inside it there was a lobby with all the ComMedia Della Artesia characters that had starring roles in it. We went to the Library of Beanery, a comical contrast between this ride and Disney's ghastly equivalent. As we entered the boiler room, many delightful pictures of teddy bears adorn it. The elevators display the latest developments, the notable events, and the top stories of the resort. This place is more cheery rather than daunting, which makes this ride distinguishing from other themed freefall rides.

"Beguiling bassoons," 'Soonist Sally shivered, "Is there any paraphernalia of 'dat Dave in 'dat spooky place, hon?"

"Unfortunately," Bullfiddler Bruggemeyer replied, "I saw some words that relate to the fitness boom of the eighties. I also spotted drawings of headbands, track shorts, tank tops, legwarmers, and spandex active wear that's popular to the decade."

"I heard music in this hotel," I said, "In addition, it's all on the topic of eighties fitness, the balletic dance of the era, or even both!"

"Hey, y'all; I've found a dollar!" Mr. M exclaimed as he raised the dollar bill with an eighties dancer centered on it.

"Leave that dough alone, fella," Playful Peasgood warned, "It might be spurious or somethin'." She then ordered us as the doors opened, "The doors are open; we must get in, WITHOUT HESITATION!"

As we entered the elevator, I noticed the seats in it. Maybe I was precise on this ride; the ride really WAS similar to the other one in Disney's equal that was three stories higher. It ascended up to the third floor, where I saw Bean dancing to the music played by a saxophonist on the street. We then continued on to the fifth floor, where we saw a corridor emblematic of hotels. The elevator approached slowly as we followed the Bean clones to the other side of the hotel.

"Now what?" Kyle Mort complained.

"Accordin' to the guide, we must be approachin' the tenth floor. After a few moments, FREEFALL!" Rompin' Rachel convinced him.

When we reached the tenth floor, I peered out the open doors and I observed nonentity. Instead, I heard eighties calisthenics music without an appearance of a fitness instructor. I saw one male dancer ready to come out and expose those ballet-like moves to the world.

"What was that guy doing out there?" Mr. M inquired.

"Maybe he was tryin' to be a Stevie LaChance of the park," Playful Peasgood replied naively, "or an eighties style version of…"

"IT'S GONNA FALL!" Hans screamed hysterically.

"OH, GRACIOUS NO!" everyone else cried.

The elevator plunged down as we got the same reactions as the Wild River Orocan Ride back in Ovationia. After we dismissed that futile freefall ride, we came to a very delightful gift shop. Instead of the predictable souvenirs that were themed after rides, we came across assortments and assortments of dancewear and athletic wear, both of which were the flashiest dance rehearsal fashions of the 1980's. Playful Peasgood's ears perked up as a catchy throb murmured in the shop.

"Wait, guys," she called out, "I'm hearin' eighties music a-commin' from the park."

"It must be a dancin' number," Bullfiddler Bruggmeyer said, "or somethin' like that."

As we sneaked out of the gift shop, some teens my age impeded us. Most of them wore tennis shoes and jeans, whereas others wore any attire for dance sessions (particularly jazz and lyrical). A selection from a musical I personally knew since they acted out two months ahead of my vacation. Convincingly, those excerpts were "And the Gods Heard Her Prayer" and "Rain."

"What musical was that?" 'Soonist Sally asked.

"I dunno," Kyle Mort shrugged, "Maybe it's some eighties musical or something."

"Wait, Kyle," I interrupted, "I know it!"

"That seemed familiar," Playful Peasgood said as she scratched her forehead, 'Whiz Kid, I believe those excerpts came from 'Once on This Island,' a musical I watched since it came out in about…um…1990."

"I remembered that, Miss P," I said, "My school chose that musical for the spring play."

"Have you seen 'dat theatrical gem on a real theater?" she asked.

"No, but I wish I could see adults perform it."

"I once met Mr. Flaherty during the rehearsal, and the show was fantastic."

"Hey, aren't they supposed to be performin' on a REAL stage?" asked 'Soonist Sally as the show ended.

"I think it a kind of street show they've put on," Mr. M said, "and I've seen that show too."

"Err, guys," I inquired, "why would you show this kind of presentation when my group were on an adventure? Anyway, your renditions of the excerpts from 'Once on This Island' were great and they rang a bell because…"

As I tried to cease my comment and my query, the young adults departed in front of our eyes. Were they having a mini-rehearsal for a school play or were they holding a dry run for a school-sponsored talent show? We found a sprightly southern woman in her early thirties, who witnessed the performance, settled on a concrete bench.

"I know these kids very well, y'all." She said with a tender spark in her eyes.

"If you know them," I questioned, "why are they performing two pieces from 'Once on This Island' in their everyday costume in front of us?"

"Oh, I see," she said, "The real reason was because they are performing in a touring presentation of 'Once on This Island Junior,' sponsored by Woodville Middle School. Anyway, I was the school principal since last year. Unless all the muddle was cleaned up, we'll have to skip the first destination in which you guys were standing on."

"Oh, you mean Kartrina." I uttered, "That's the resort you're touring. The one who made this pigsty was Doodlin' Davey, a naughty boy who began drawing on the walls in his house. Now his drawings were all over the whole resort!"

"Hey girl," she asked, "May I join you and your band of adventurers?"

"Go ahead," I stated as she got off the bench.

As we trotted a few meters away from the exit of the ride, hodgepodges of dancers invaded the whole park. Men were fully clad in tanks, unitards, and woolen pants. Women were nymphs in legwarmers, leotards, and any type of constricted and slender dancewear a woman can wear in a non-dress rehearsal. They have inundated the park with movements that prove ballet and jazz is a homogenous mixture in the dance world. Pas de deuxes reflecting eighties romance, immense leaps, and sky-scraping kicks explicated chaos in the whole park. Also, women were togged up in pointe shoes in distinct colors, which were farcically out-of-context with jazz dancing genre of that decade. The park was anarchy that recalled the performance back in Ovationia, with the immunity of the drum corps with saxophones.

Chapter Eight

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