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The Turnpikes of Blissfulness


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter Four

As Cinderella's glorified stagecoach bypassed me, a float with pinwheels, fans, and a crane features a mouse seated on it. I really don't know her name at that age, but it turned out to be Monty from the television series Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers, which aired on the year I was born. The duck on the same float was Scrooge, with his cane and top hat.

Following them were a bunch of toys dancing and greeting the crowd (with me included) with a train of clowns trailing behind them. After two blocks trailed behind the clown train, an army of toy solders showed off their marching maneuvers, trumpet fanfares, percussion rudiments, and resolute faces. A float (in which it was used a few years later by Chip N' Dale) has their rare, furry beauties -- the Gummi Bears (which was supposed to be the Gummy Bears, but people are getting used to that misspelling of gummy) . They were swinging their peppermint sticks to Toyland and they were grooving along to Jolly Old St. Nicholas afterwards.

Proceeding the float was the Hundred Acre Wood treehouse float (spotted on most versions of this type of parade, including the 1994 televised version and my Christmas vacation in 1996) with the same snowmen dancing with Winnie The Pooh and his cheerful allies. Then the parade goes on as always: the peppermint dancers, Mrs. Claus, the gingerbread house, and you know the rest.

After the parade is over, a float with a brass band marks the prelude of the Party Gras Parade. A bunch of Disney citizens were swaggering entertainers who followed the ensemble that played a crazy arrangement of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" that was absolutely jazzy. My favorite member of the troupe was Br'er Rabbit, one of my favorite Disney Characters. As my other favorite, Br'er Fox reached out his hand, with me waiting for a greeting form him but he didn't. Then the whole parade route goes over the top as the Party Gras parade arrives.

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