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I Want To Be A Big Time Poet


Tom Tannehill

Early each morning I sit at my desk
And try to clear my mind
To write a worldly, significant poem
Thatís valued by mankind

Like something Frost or Whitman wrote
I think that would be nice
Or maybe something Shakespearian-esque
I imagine thatíd suffice.

But, I guess my mind donít work that way
ĎCause the harder that I try
The sillier the thoughts I have
I just ainít really sure why

I know I got a serious poem
Somewhere inside of me
A poem to 'wow' the literate world
And make me a celebrity.

Oh heck, Iíll have to admit it
My heart isnít really in it.
But someday my poems will be acclaimed
And Iíll have my fifteen minutes of fame.

So for now Iíll sit and plod away
Piling words with nothing to say
ĎTil that muse-thing grabs ahold of me
And I write the quintessential poem. Seriously.

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