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Tom Tannehill

I say hit him in the head, smash him in the crotch
kick him in the shins, and take him down a notch.
Let him know he's got himself in one hell of a fight, 
and he best take him a flashlight 'cause it'll go all night
and well into the next day, and many days to come,
'til Ben-nie and his band of thugs are a tiger shark's chum.

For those of you who think that we should turn the other cheek
I'm dropping trow to accommodate you even as we speak.
On Saturday, when you burned the flag in Washington DC,
I wondered why you didn’t do the same in New York City?
I mean, Hell, I'm sure the folks out there would be sympathetic.
They'd cheer and raise their fists, especially the police, firemen, & paramedics.

As you march past the WTC you could sing in unison
"Give Peace a Chance," wave signs and chant “flowers instead of guns.”
But wait a minute, I almost forgot. The Twin Towers are now gone.
And there's tens of thousands of mourners barely able to carry on.
And another two hundred million or so whose lives are ever changed,
who most seem pretty steadfast that war’s what we should wage.

I guess I’m over sensitive, this is America after all,
where folks are free to voice their thoughts, so have yourself a ball!
Go desecrate our symbols and embarrass Uncle Sam,
but while you do let me remind you, this isn’t Viet Nam.
We weren’t so-called aggressors, we were attacked on our own soil,
and I say kill or be killed, and let this caldron boil
‘til Ben and all his buddies are simmering in the soup
and if it was up to me, I’d include your whole anti-war movement group.

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