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Of Shakespeare's Ilk


Tom Tannehill

I ainít Shakespeare and wonít soon be
though he turns a mean soliloquy.
And I admit his rhymes are fine,
his phrases smooth as store bought wine.

But I canít help but ponder some
Ďbout the choice of words Shakes chooses from.
Those Yeís and Neyís and Thouís and Thee,
donít lend much to its clarity.

When Youís and Meís and Theirs and Them
help folks like me to comprehend.
and Who, What, Whys and Whereís and When
come easier to understand.

Now I know that Shakespeare ainít from here
but from the land of Guinevere,
King Arthur and Sir Lancelot,
some foreigner town called 'Camelot.'

Still donít it seem that he could just
communicate like all of us,
and speak American or something close
where yes means yes and noís mean noís.

But I guess that might just be too much
to 'simplify' for folks like us.
Heís Shakespeare after all you see
and thatís to be - for eíer to be!

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