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Tom Tannehill

They say 'seize the moment,' but thatís easier said then done.
Weíve got a set of brakes that drag when we begin to over-run.

We fret Ďbout what might happen if we decide to take the leap 
And that 'moment' turns disastrous and what we sow donít reap.

So weíre bound in our inactions to stay with safe, sure bets
For fear that we might lose an inch our dreams remain unmet.

This fear to act upon ideas, it creeps up gradually
And that itch to take a chance is replaced by negativity 
That thwarts originality and fertilizes doubt 
Ďtil weíre back to status quo, and weíve thrown new ideas out.

And that to meís the difference between those who talk and do,
who climb their own Mt Everests while the otherís only view 
is the backs of those achievers who make their dreams come true.
While talkerís only talk the talk, the doers get whatís due.

Iíve heard it said that success comes to only lucky ones
But I think the folks who say that are those with dreams undone.
Iím more inclined to believe the guy who suggested that success 
needs a bit of luck, but a lot of sweat, and to me that makes more sense.

Far be it that I advise since Iíve got that very same fear 
I tend to take the safer path when it comes to my own future.

Those many dreams Iíve frittered 'way for fear of failureís threats 
Leave me to muse wistfully Ďbout my own wishes and regrets.

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