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A Nameless Girl And A Few Poems of Hers


Uzma Sadaf

There is a nameless girl
And a few poems of hers
Who has been outlawed by the society
Who has been filled with pain
Yes she confesses that she was wrong
Very wrong
She also knows that the ! sin of Eve was because of her
The storm of Noha came due to her
It was she who misled Faroha and Shaddad
She confesses that she had committed many crimes
She also confesses that she would admit her sins
On the doomís day before all the world
And that every sin was due to her
Yes she was very wrong, she had a deception
She did not belong to anybody
Because the sins are not the part of any body
She also confesses that love was not her right
Because love behooves the persons like you
She was not at all worthy of love
But she had a misconception
That she had to live for a few days more
And even if she was not alive
The days were alive
There were a few poems belonging to those days
There were some scattered lines
On the white papers
She says that she! would take all your sins on her head
She would burn in the fire of hell for you
But for Godís sake never call those papers,
Those disarranged lines, a sin
Those are not my sins but your virtues
Donít take them as sins
For Godís sake donít take them as sins.

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