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Heart and Eyes


Uzma Sadaf

The hands are empty.
The prayers are unable to express themselves.
The body is burning on the cold fire.
To one side is lying the heart, to the other the eyes.
Both are angry with each other.
Since long they are not on good terms.
They donít speak to each other.
The eyes have not been able to shed tears since long.
They are bewailing that the heart does not support them.
The heart is also gloomy.
It hears the foot steps and becomes impatient.
It keeps on thinking every moment
The eyes also seem to be over tired.
The words have become barren looking to this atmosphere.
The meanings have become out or reach.
All the words seem to be the same.
And there is no difference between them.
In the same manner as all the people look the same.
Of course sometimes the colour is changed.
But what difference does it make.
How many writings are there void of life
and how many people are just like walking corpses.
How the life and the death are near to each other.
How similar are the writings and the people.
You know that in spite of all this, there is another story.
Quite a different story.
An old story with a new writings.
Perhaps you know or don't know.
here are many people unaware of these facts.
They don't know of this imprisonment and this loneliness.
Only there is a cage,
where there is the heart in one corner
and the eyes in the other corner.

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