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I Like To See The Dreams


Uzma Sadaf

I like to see the dreams
I am not a realist
I see that no happiness is pure
I make a vain effort to see
The real face.
My thoughts are busy
In weaving the silky net on my mind
And I like to be entangled in it.
The realities are too bitter
Sometimes in this silky net,
I find the threads of cotton
Which make the net heavier
Closing the veins of blood
And these mazy dreams
Make us lose our balance
We lose our senses
The breath continues coming and going
The feet remain on the path
The eyes remain open
Yet the people look strangers
The unfamiliar voices are heard.
There is an idea in the mind
Which is biting the veins like
Pieces of glass
The heart has crossed the limits
Of all pleasures all sorrows
There is an unknown journey before me
And the concept of any destination
Has lost its importance.
All the seasons have become ineffective
The body is deserted like the vacant nests
And all dreams have gone
To some distant rocks of life, trying to find
Some new abodes.
The sun has also become indifferent
The moon has taken some new route
And there are many circles constantly closing and opening
The winds seem to be terrified
And they have become the prisoners of the sea
The bitter realities are glaring at me
And the whole atmosphere laughs on my helplessness.

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