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Life is a Reality


Uzma Sadaf

I you think you will find that there is much in life
And if you do not there is nothing in it
You can, after all, give some words to life
Those words which you want to say to yourself
You can take life as a part of yourself
If you do so, those people who are in your life
Would become the part of your ‘self’
And the self has many aspects in it
Some good, some bad, some very good
Then how can you throw them away
If you want you can own them
And you know it is not so easy to evade one’s self
There is not a single corner in the self
Where you can hide yourself and not be seen
And then what is the use of this hiding
Try to see yourself in the lights
If you do not get any thing else
At least you will think yourself a reality
In the darkness you see yourself dream like
Every moment your eyes are in search of some realities
And they bring out those answers which are lying at the bottom
They draw the lines from one end to the other end
Whatever they can draw, they bring it to you
Have you ever seen the ant,
How long and how slow it its journey
But it never comes back home empty handed
Then how can you say that there is nothing in life
Life is a reality and its journey cannot be made in dreams
If you keep on walking, you will surely cover some distance.

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