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Nothing is Hidden from the Stars


Uzma Sadaf

Nothing is hidden from the stars,
The shadows are spreading,
Slowly and silently,
The galaxy of stars is visible in the sky,
The heart is beating violently,
That the rule of the sun is coming to an end.
The moon, with all its charms,
Is visible in the sky,
New events and new stories are coming into existence,
The events, the night’s events,
Would take every thing into their grip,
The story of the day would be at the mercy of the night,
All big decisions are made in the presence of the stars,
These tiny stars keep the activities of the sun,
Under The galaxy gives orders,
It is the queen of the sky,
God knows how many events have to take place as yet,
All the cards are in the hands of the stars,
The story of blood does not remain hidden from them,
Now the Nobel Prize is being given,
In a huge gathering,
The proud necks, and the bloody hands,
their control,
And many screams behind the scene,
The screams of the tiny innocent and dying children,
The groaning bodies crying with pain,
The pitch of poverty,
The human beings dying on the heaps of rubbish,
The living human beings,
And on the other side, the bottles of wine,
The neat and well dressed human beings,
And every human being the killer of humanity!
And the medals of service in the nicks of these killers,
The medals of courage and bravery,
Now all the cards are in the hands of the killers,
And the stars are watching all.
They know every thing,
Those who have pain for humanity and,
And are in agony all the time,
Those who sacrifice themselves for humanity,
Are all changed to nothingness.
They are thrown on the heaps of rubbish,
Just like an old and worn out book,
But the stars are watching everything.
Have you ever seen the Ruhtaas Fort,
That which gave shelter to thousands,
Is itself shelterless today
Even today, screams are coming out of its underground caves,
Even today, the screams are those deaf and dumb people
Are being heard today.
But the fort is without any shelter.
The stars are watching all the fate of this earth,
How horrible is the truth,
It is just possible that before speaking truth,
The sun withers, the stars of the sky begin to shatter,
A darkness prevails all over the earth.
All the colours fade away,
And all the differences disappear,
And only one colour , the deep dark colour prevails

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