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Now I Donít Need You


Uzma Sadaf

Now the heart has broken
The sighs have cooled down
The disappointment lives in the eyes
And the banks which remained soaked
The seas which used to boil
Yes it was so at that time
That we wander like mad men
Our palms were made bloody
By thorns and stones
Wilderness played on our foreheads
God knows how many moons of aspirations
Had come to my door
It is not the matter of one day or a year
These were the centuries
Numberless civilizations
That I spent in your love
The waves kept on trying to reach the moon
I kept on burning like a soaked wood
In the forest of loneliness
The time kept on passing
The civilizations continued getting old
The eyes went blind
The cries kept on burying
The whole forest changed into ashes
The mad winds took away
The dust away, far away
And scattered it
The thinking changed with the passage of time
And now I did not need you
My wild laughter kept on echoing
Do you see how broken my self seems
How my words are torn away
Those thoughts which glittered like gems
Have now become hollow
My own voice seems very strange to me
Did you see! Did you not see!
In this garb of artificiality
In this deceptive net
How did I entangle myself
The soul kept on screaming
And the laughter kept on echoing.
There was a time
When my poetry , my thoughts
Floated on the muddy waters
My dreams lived in the paper boat
The heart was accustomed to wilderness
And kept on wandering from place to place
When the beautiful evening came
It brought the moon and the start with it
The winds blew restlessly
And gave the messages of joys and sorrows
At that time the heart supplicated
And wept
Now all the moons and the stars have been lost
All the dreams have vanished away
A bitter realization has caught hold of me
That this earth is
The play ground of children
This is the age of coins
This is some thing else
That you are a poet
But who tries to understand you
Who is there to buy these houses of sand
Shaped into poetic idea!

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