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Some Consideration of the Days Passed!


Uzma Sadaf

I canít believe you could do this
You could also forget me
I never said that I was worth remembering
But you would have thought of the days passed
It is true that we were two banks traveling the extremes
I drew the tears inside and kept on changing them into poison
So that they may not make a hole on your rocky heart
This was my extreme, and what can be the other extreme
Of an ordinary person like me
But you were very great
But you had a very broad mind
You were far ahead of me, much higher than me
You engraved the stone of your heart, engraved so much
That you changed it into a jewel
And then to get this jewel, there were many quarrels
There were many killings because every body
Wanted to purchase it
And at last it was sold
It went to those hands that were worth of keeping it
And my hands, oh, those were cut off
They had been changed into poison
When caressing the poisonous heart
You have given the heart and I have also given the heart
But the end of both of us was quite different
It was to the opposite extremes.
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