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The Journey of the Dots


Uzma Sadaf

The centuries are standing before me
In the long lines of dots
The big centuries, the big civilizations
The minarets touching the heights of the sky
And the big pillars!
When I look to the first dot
It begins to spread and cover
The whole land of my mind
The silent earth, the silent sky
And a reflection floating on waters
The first dot, a very strange dot!
A heavy dot, a lonely dot
Very silent, to whom should it say something
To whom should it listen
What should it say
No other dot was yet born
A complete civilization on an uncompleted earth
The civilization of the jungle
Man terrified of himself
Unable to think much, unable to understand much
The first step
Then the fear of being dissolved like bubbles
The second step, another dot
Then quarrels and competitions to go ahead
Woman, the land of the earth
The guardian of the human race
And all the rule in the hands of the guardian
Then the next dot, the new century
The strife of trust and mistrust
The conflict between man and woman
And then the earth went on dividing itself
In the strife of these dots
The blood began to flow
The only heir to the earth
Went on fighting against himself
He went on cutting his own limbs
And in the process of this division
He himself turned into a dot
The century went on changing
And every time the limbs were cut one by one
And the darkness spread up-to the last dot
The chain broke
And the lines could not keep the balance
The dots were disfigured
And earth quakes began to shake the earth.

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