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The Sun Has Died Out


Uzma Sadaf

My inside is full of tears
And the sun has died out
All the scenes have vanished away
The colours of the earth have faded
There is nothing left
The broken pieces of trust
Are piercing my throat
Every thing has changed
Into a heap of sand
The building has fallen down
The gift of constant torture
That you have given me
Has taken away the last rays of hope
Who are you, in whose memory
My heart is bewildered all the time
Yes you are the same burning fire
That has burnt every piece of my soul
That has affected every breath of mine
And placed piercing thorns into it
If you had never met me for the last time
I would have found some life in this life
But you had only come to poison me
So you poisoned my very existence
You made me dead
But O, my life, you are innocent even today
And I the criminal standing
In the court of my conscience
I am your criminal, I am my own criminal
I am the target of the stone
Hurling down on me
From the threshold of death
And you remain the lamp of light.

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