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The Traveler of the Night


Uzma Sadaf

All the village has slept
The dreams are lying dead
And the traveler of the night wants shelter
The caverns are lying deserted
He thinks
What kind of village is this
It is only the midnight as yet
And every body is lying senseless
He is very thirsty
But all the doors of the deserted streets are closed
There is the barking of the dogs
And the crying of the cat somewhere
And beyond that the painful mourning of some bird
Some imploration
When he became too thirsty
He sat on the ground
And began to scratch it
He tied the cold earth in a cloth
Touched it with his eyes
He tasted it with his tongue
Then he walked
He found a well on the way
But there was no pot with the rope
To draw the water out
He looked to the water with his wishful eyes
Then he looked to the sky
And prayed for a few drops of water
Then continued his journey
In search of some new village
He saw a burning lamp at the last corner
He reached the village
But was surrounded by the village dogs
Some advanced to bite him
He stood there bewildered and looked to them
He did not know what to do
He knew the dogs would tear him off if he ran
Then there was a sudden sound of the door opening
All the dogs ran away
There was an old man taking
A bowl of milk in his hands
His pouch of earth fell down his hands
And with it the thirst also vanished away
He saw the dogs coming back
And put the milk before them
And in a moment he was
In the middle of the waking villagers.

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