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There is no Justification in such a Living


Uzma Sadaf

Silence is prevailing all over the night,
There is some deep pain,
Which takes away the justification of life,
God knows what is the matter,
Beauty is dancing in the bazars,
The naked arms, the naked limbs of the body,
The coins jingling behind the currency notes,
And the music and the dance!
Unaware of my presence.
Thousands of naked eyes,
Which are fixed at one place,
Having no thought of my pain.
Rose is the dress of fragrance,
The moon hides the shyness of the moonlight,
Life is reliable, but this also has,
The walls of the body,
Lights will always be under the rule of the sun,
The paths needs the caravans,
There is no meaning of having high flights,
If there is no expanse of the sky,
We canít give the naked dolls in the hands of the children,
And the puppets have also some dress,
There were no naked dolls in our civilization,
Life needs shelter in these pieces of flesh,
The woman of today needs the cover of dress.

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