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There Was A Person Whom I Called My Own


Uzma Sadaf

There was a person whom I called my own
He was near to my soul, near to my heart
Living in my heart and soul
! He was a safety valve of fragrance
A circle of light
My dreams were full of fragrance because of him
His life took breath with my body
My eyes wove his dreams
There was a person near to my life vein
He traveled with me, with my breaths
With my words
His remains, his memories are still with me
A stick and the oak tree
A counting bead and a bent bow embracing the ground
His incomplete story is traveling with me even today
My soul is restless and the life is disturbed
I wish to see him again
That man is my light
He is my love, my craze
But God knows where has he gone away
A magician has snatched him from me
He wants to try my love
He wants to change my prince into a statue
And thus wants to keep me in prison
This is not a dream but a reality
By I am sure that God would listen to my supplication
So when I shall call O, the Life Giver"
All the earth will be washed
All the under ground prison houses of the sky would melt
Then all the princes and all the princesses would be free
I know my supplication to God
Would boil all the springs of the earth
There would be water all around me
The Last Caller would be surprised
I know the contact with God is very heavy
Yet it is very great
O, the Decorator of the earth and the sky
You will blow away the dust of all the deserts
You will untie all the knots of the sky
I know O, the Destroyer, all the jungles would be flamed
All the earth will be turned to ashes
All the iron bars would melt
All the stones would be changed into water
Then the magic of that magician would die away
Then the All Powerful, will change every thing to life
And he would come back crossing all the deserts
He will come back to me.

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