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Why Suicide?


Vikki Kennedy

Why suicide?

Why? Why does it all have to be this way?

Why don't they let you have your say?

They don't understand how you feel inside,

They don't understand why you just want to hide,

"Its still the same as when we were that age"

Only I'm trapped inside my own emotional cage,

Arguments, frustration, being misunderstood,

You want to run away, if only you could,

Too many people thinking its you,

They reckon they know it all, but they don't have a clue,

You get so alone, think you've no one to turn to,

Anger builds up inside and destroys you,

Motionless. Everything is still,

Why not end it all by taking a pill?

Who would miss you not being around?

Would you even ever be found?!

No body loves you; your whole world is falling apart,

Thereís no one to help mend your painful broken heart.

You may as well go now, what are you waiting for,

Take the pills already and fall to the floor,

Oh donít tell me your going to use a rope,

Donít bother taking your time you've got no hope,

Why donít you go ahead and slit your wrists,

I warn you its painful though; youíre going to need to clench those fists,

You want and need someone to tell you they love you right?

And maybe that will help you see the light,

You donít want to die but you think no one is here,

Loneliness is something, which you greatly fear,

Youíre all alone, alone, in your mind,

Hoping that one day it will be love that you find.

These are the thoughts in a growing number of teenagersí minds,
Why don't you open your eyes and read the signs,
Love and affection is needed in everyone,
But realise that many innocent lives are lost in the young.

By Vikki Kennedy on the morning
Dedicated to all those whom have taken their own lives.

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