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Loves Apology


Vincent Oxford

we converse
but conversations trivial and brief, topical for the day
you disregard, listen with attentive ears
perceptions your aim, empathies your game

how could I possibly requite?
while you distract
you speak matter-of-fact, tounge-in-cheek

your hair escapes it's noose
it lands on your shoulders, behind your shoulders, before your shoulders
pretty tangles occupy us both

i see your smile, alluring and contagious
a sudden flash, celeritous spark
on my retina, an image carved
left for me to cherish as it slowly fades

you leave me bewildered, knocked flat
the question asked, while prone on my face:
am I madly in love?
or victim to some immature crush?

regardless, my love is irrelevant
fallen foul to the foulest circumstance
so don't ask me to concede
please don't force a confession
I'll sit silent lest I become the impetuous fool

and while I admit to that I'm in love
it's only for a word
for I'm not elated, joyful or delighted,
quite glum in fact and somewhat disheartened
and if this is love
i demand a refund, and suitable compensation
for what has befallen me

or, at the very least I'll make love appologise
send me a letter, stamped and sealed, express post delivered
handwritten, of course - for sincerities sake

so, the next time love helps me up, then knocks me down
has me on, then cuts me off
pulls me under, then screws me over
draws me in, then sells me out
at least I'll know that love is sorry

Vincent Oxford '04

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