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Vincent Oxford

look to the sky, see the beauty
an awesome sight unveils before my eyes
whispery-white leviathans floating amongst the endless blue

look out to sea, beauty there too
churning waves donning white caps
there's salt in the air, raw and sweet

go out at night, once again, beauty
all it quiet, dark
the air is crisp, as tired eyes adjust
the world opens up, like a flower in bloom

see her, beauty again
flowing hair in pretty tangles
features slight, supple frame
I can feel my longing grow

look inside my soul, beauty???
I THINK NOT! only hard, brittle pain
jaded by luck's cruel hand
and love's fickle ways
constant, dependable pain, pulsing rhythmically
and the wretching vice's tenacious hold on my stomach

unfortunately, even though beauty is around me
none can exist inside me,
while the weeds of pain and loneliness
grow unchecked

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