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Starting Over


Walter L. Jones

It was cold and the lamp had burned to low
Felt the warm of her next to me
Softly I read the tale of man upon this earth

Each word flowed from my lips like an aged wine
Soft and sweet to be cherished for its body and taste
Images on the page full of color lit the room

Each phrase gave promise to the good life
That was here and the waste and pain of freedom
It was full and clear that death was no more than knowledge

Questions un-asked filled both our minds as I read the words
Slowly an understanding was developing their was only one rule
That rule was broken, curiosity, seeking more, good or evil

Sleep overcame us and she buried her head into my chest
I trimmed the lamp one last time more to find and seek
Dawn brought the glory of sunlight through the cracks in the logs

Gently I stroked her until her eyes opened wide with excitement
The new day offered the joy growth and beauty to be observed
My toes swished in the grass filled with morning dew

The water of the spring brought back the joyful memory
Fresh snow melted into a wondrous nectar that awaken the body
We slid into the stream and let our bodies be engulfed in the purity

Refreshed the day passed easily as the precious seeds we laid to ground
Each row as straight as line laid by a ray of sun from east to west
Our feet absorbed the warm and energy from the fresh turned ground

As the sunset she wrapped herself around me like a human blanket
Bible in hand I began to read the next verse as we lived the life
>From beginning to end each line became our life of test and trial

Age and time blended on our journey with love and question
No answer left not understood for we were the start of life a new
Our children lived the same as we simple, loved, striking out

Each I gave a book copied by me, illustrated by her, loved by God

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