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Along the Edge of White


Wayne Arthur Harris

Alarm alights in the courtyard

The princess swept away

Kidnapped by a devilish rogue

As dusk surrounds the day

The villain rides to his castle

Upon an ink-black steed

In pursuit an army of men

Swift vengeance plants its seed

Midnight strikes as they cross the moat

A mist begins to rise

Disarray, the gate crashes closed

The thick fog hellís disguise

Chaos reigns, but one knight inside

Deep waters birl and boil

Lost in the haunted, twisting pool

The brave, true, and loyal

The wicked knave lets down his guard

Believing all is clear

Surprisingly knocked from his mount

His fateful end is near

The landing hard amongst the rocks

A single, deadly blow

The soul released, not heaven sent

But to the depths below

The lucky lass follows him home

Arrival in the morn

A heroís welcome greets the pair

Sweet retribution born

The king betroths his daughterís hand

Marriage the weighty prize

Joyous victory bittersweet

The lone knight dries his eyes

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