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I'm Sorry


Whitney Humphrey

You can't possibly understand the pain you put me through 
I know you say you're sorry and I'm sorry too
I'm sorry that I ever met you,
Sorry that I ever fell in love with your deep blue eyes

I'm sorry that I wasted such precious memories on you
I'm sorry that you were the one 
You said that you never meant to hurt me
After all the pain you put me through, you say that now

If you never meant to hurt me then you never should have loved me 
If you had never loved me then none of this would have happened
I hope you never have to know what it feels like 
To have your heart ripped out by someone you love

Why did you treat me like an angel?
You knew that I was nowhere near that
That was one of the reasons I loved you so, 
You loved me when I least deserved it

You always called me your baby and told me that I was the one
Now looking back on all that, I can't help but smile
But why did you leave? 
You left me with a broken heart and happy memories 

But I would trade all the memories we made just to have you back in my arms
I can still feel your loving arms around me 
And your kisses, so gentle as they brushed across my lips
I loved the way you'd touch me, warm and loving

I want you back
I want to be the one you're saying
I love you to again
I guess I'm not really sorry after all the pain.

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