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Reststop Cafe


William Stage


Somewhere in the southern usa is a small town called Clarksville. A small town which has a population of 320. Typical town Has a bank,. Grocery store, a movie cinema, a pool hall , a town library and A small fire department. Best place to eat is the RESTSTOP CAFÉ

HOME OF THE BIGGY BURGER. AL spankler owns the café . Al has a cook who helps him run the café his name is Paul colson. sheriff conley is the town sheriff. Who carries a gun and holster he likes his town nice and quiet Theres a local funeral . parlor Ben ashton runs that he delivers nice services the local church is seviced by the reverend samuel crossett.

Tina win castle has just got her degree in health care wanting to take care of the needy She is 39 blonde hair blue eyes and is 5 ft 3 inches. graduating day she gets in her small volkswagon and heads out of town towards the highway to start her new life She notices the gage on the gas tank as near empty . Tina pulls into the nearby gas station

She pulls up and the bell on the gas station dings twice. Worker with a greasy uniform walks out and comes to her car ." filler up please" saya Tina. Man nods and grabs the nozzle from the pump and puts it in Tina,s gas tank. Tina gets out of her car and heads inside the gas station . Walking to the soda machine for a soda.

Her coin make a clink sound. Tina pushes the diet soda selection
And a soda rolls out . Before leaving she notices a sign on the wall which reads
JUST OFF THE HIGHWAY COME IN FOR A BITE Tina said to herself" maybe I,ll have some luck there". Walking out the door outside, the man was just finishing up filling Tina,s tank. Tina paid the man and thanked him. Once back in her car she started up the engine and pulled out Well Clarksville here we come.



Tina pulled her car in front of the café and got out. Opening the door a small bell jingled .Man behind the counter was wearing an apron ." afternoon "said the man "welcome to the RESTSTOP CAFÉ " . Tina sat at the counter "coffee " said Tina "coming right up" said the man. Tina turned her coffee cup right side up and the man pour her some coffee. Near her was a help wanted sign sitting on the counter. Tina spoke up "I'm looking for work" she told the man as she pointed to the sign near by.

" Alright "said the man he introduced him as AL Spankler" nice to meet you"
Tina shook his hand and introduced her self AL asked Tina to walk around the counter. Well get you fixed up Tina walked around the counter and al led her to a back kitchen where she noticed a handsome young man at a grill. Stopping the cook, Al spoke to the cook." Paul this is Tina our new waitress "Paul stopped cooking for a moment and turned around and his eyes lit up" wellllllllll hello doll nice to meet you my name is Paul bruiner Paul" was slim blonde hair blue eyes

" Your gonna bring beauty to this dump" smiled Paul then
al said" ok you old smoothie get back to work"

" nice to meet you Paul see ya around doll" said Paul Tina was led to a office and al went toward a locker and pulled out a waitress uniform There was a blood stain on the front of the uniform.

"We open from 6:00 am to 6:00 PM Al told her A quiet town but need to let you know don't be roaming around after dark not safe. Have some rough characters around here". Tina asked al if there is a placed she could rent out to stay some kind of hotel ." I have a small apartment above the café let you stay free kinda part of your pay" al smiled he caress her shoulder". Maybe you and I could work on recipes together " "sure" as Tina blushed. Well I had a long day and I need to freshen up" Al handed her a set of keys "see you all in the morning everyone" she walked by Paul "goodnight Paul" Paul blew her a kiss" night doll sweet dreams." answered paul

Tina went out the door and went up the stairs leading to apartment.Tina put the key in the lock and unlocked the door and went inside. Inside was apartment with a kitchen living room and bath , a bedroom .Tina walked into the bedroom and unpacked her things .After her bags were unpacked she walked in the bathroom and turned on the hot water .Suddenly she heard a elderly woman's voice behind her" don't make it to hot this time dear ".Tina turned around and there stood an elderly woman wearing a bathrobe"you made to hot for me last time "Tina noticed on her arm were scalded marks "who are you and how you get in here" The woman disappeared . Tina shook her head" I must be stressed out" turning back at the bathtub and turned off the water. pouring in some bubble bath Tina brought with her. removed her clothes and lowered her body in the hot bubbly soap water .

Down in the café Paul was serving a burger to the town sherif. Sheriff was heavy set with brown hair and hazel eyes his name was conley jenkins ." What's new sheriff ?"asked al "nothing much" replied the sheriff "old lady Thomas is missing from the nursing home again". "What a shame" said al" hope she shows up soon". Radio on the sheriff walkie -talkie went off ." Come in sheriff " ". Sheriff here over" "check on a spouse abuse over"" on my way sheriff out" finishing his coffee sheriff paid for it." Got run all have a good evening" said the sheriff with that he went out the front door. Tina was still upstairs soaking in the tub. When she finished she got up and stepped out of the tub naked and dried her self off . In the corner of the room was a picture of an old house and in the middle of the picture was a man and woman standing in front of the house and the mans eyes were moving back and forth watching Tina,s every move she was making.



The next morning Tina got up and got dressed walked in the kitch Aroma of bacon and eggs could be smelled in the café. pouring her some juice .After breakfast she went down to the café. A morning paper was lying in front of the café on the sidewalk .Tina pick up the paper and noticed on the paper was the picture of an elderly lady underneath was the words (ELDERLY LADY DISCOVERED DEAD) . went on describing how miss Thomas wander off from the nursing home and was discovered by two joggers". "what a shame" replied Tina as she walked in with the paper. Al was already at the counter .Paul was in the back warming up the grill.

"Morning Tina" said "AL sleep well" " yea thanks" said Tina.D oor jingled opened. Man in a dark suit walked in morning Ben "said al and introduced Tina to Ben. Tina this is Ben Cranberry our funeral director here in town ." nice to meet you dear" said Ben " you as well" said Tina. A l told Ben about Tina working here in the café. "coffee" asked Tina " yes please" replied Ben .Tina poured him some coffee and gave Ben a menu He looked at the menu for a moment and told Tina "ham and eggs" dear .

Tina thanked him and walked back to the kitchen. Paul looked up and smiled "morning beautiful" Tina gave Paul the order. He thanked her" coming right up." Tina noticed that people started coming in a man with a black suit and a white collar entered"

"Hello father" said AL the man sat at a booth he was the priest at the local church in town Tina walked over and gave him a menu and poured him some coffee he said" biscuit and gravy please dear" the father said

"Father Sam this is Tina a new help here in the café" Tina held out her hand " nice to meet you father" said Tina "so sad about that sweet lady"

"IM going to go over and console her family this morning replied the father
Ben noticed the father and walked over to him" hello father" shaking his hand ". Morning Ben" replied the father After chatting with the father he went and sat back down suddenly Paul called out "ham and eggs up". Tina walked over and grabbed the plate and handed it to Ben and gave the new order to Paul Soon the father order was ready and put a plate on the counter. When he finished his breakfast father paid for his breakfast and bid everyone a good morning and left

Ben also finished his breakfast Paid Tina and said farewell to everyone. After everyone left Tina told al she gonna take a stroll into town While it was slow. Tina walked out the door and headed in town .A man in front of a grocery store was sweeping the sidewalk he looked up when he noticed Tina and smiled ."Morning he said haven't seen you around here" Tina introduced her self". Welcome neighbor I'm Barry canister nice to meet you. I own the grocery store here". She told him about working at the café. Hmmm he said you look good enough to eat looking toward her legs nice legs .looking at him funny "thank you" Don't wander about after dark." Why is that? people seem to keep telling me" that asked Tina. "Well he said not safe for strangers milling about a couple , years ago was in town and went after dark never heard from them again ." Well Barry said excuse me time to open up the store." with that he headed inside. Tina headed on down the street
Till she came to a movie theatre

and noticed a sign that read (closed for repairs) noticing the door was opened a little she stuck her head inside and said "hellooooooooo "she could hear laughter from inside. Inside there was a empty lobby .On the counter was a popcorn machine popping popcorn. By itself. Laughter was heard from inside the movie theatre. Tina followed where the laughter was coming from there was doors that led into where the movie was playing. A movie playing but to her surprise the house was empty then a small voice behind her began talking to her "dear can you help me I'm lost and cant find my way home".

Tina turned and looked at her and noticed her throat had been slit who are you Tina asked ".my name is Miss Thomas" I was walking by the nursing home and I got lost" then she suddenly disappeared. she heard someone crying in the lobby it sounded like a small child she walked in the lobby and found a small boy crying she walked over to him and asked "what's a matter sweetie". " said I lost my daddy cant find my daddy "he told her. Tina then heard a cup of ice crashing on the floor Tina looked toward that direction but no one was there then turned back toward the small child but he too has vanished like the others shaking her head" this is too weird" she said to her self she headed out the exit door of the movie. and back on the sidewalk heading in town.

Tina reach the town library and went inside. A woman at the desk looked up with a snooty voice. spoke" I don't recognize you and I know everyone are you a stranger in town "tina replied. "Yes why don't like strangers here" " I,d leave if I were youuuuuuuu" " I'm just looking" Tina said .really "Suit your self" replied the woman. Tina stroll around the different aisles of books until a huge book caught her attention. Walking to look closer the huge book read CLARSVILLE OUR TOWN HISTORY Tina opened the book and was flipping through it when came to an old newspaper clipping That read TOWN ENGULF IN FLAMES told about how the town caught fire in 1937 and destroyed the whole town.

(Many people perished including children )One of the pictures was a small boy and was shocked to find out it was the small boy in the movie lobby crying for his daddy. a mans voice spoke up behind her"Finding what your looking for young lady" she turned around "Yes thank you it was a elderly man standing in his bathrobe" If I were you I wouldn't get too nosy" then he vanished like the others.



Tina headed back to the café.

Some weird town she though as she headed back in the café. People started to come in Just in time" said al "people are starting to come in ".

Tina stood by the counter . Four teenagers came in and sat at one of the booth .Tina walked over and smiled at them" Hey kids what will it be" one of the teenagers said " 4 pete burgers and 4 fries and 4 coke. Tina took their order and headed back toward the kitchen and gave Paul the order. "What the heck is a Pete burger"

"Oh that's burgers we name after special people in our town, kind of an honor" Door jingled and Ben walked in" hey Ben" What it be . big Jake to go please" " a big Jake told al to Tina is a burger named after Jake Canton he's being exacuted tonight he's been on death row for murder and were celebrating his removal by naming a burger after tonight"..

"Paul yelled" burgers up" Tina got the order and brought it to the teenagers . To her surprise there was no one there "Hey al" Tina called out where's the kids that were here" Al looked where Tina was pointing" what kids" said al "I don't see no one." Tina shook her " If you don't mind I think I,ll go home I'm not feeling well ". "Ok dear" said al. Tina walked out the door and upstairs to her apartment , went inside and put some water in a tea kettle and turned on the stove .Tina sat on the couch Moments later the kettle whistle Tina got up and got her a cup and put in a tea bag and poured the water in the cup and took it toward the couch and sipped her tea Tina heard a knock at the door she got up to answer the door there stood a woman who was battered and bruised "please hide me from my husband" she pleaded

"Yes please" said Tina" wont you come" in she led the woman to the couch and went to the kitchen to pour her some tea when she came to the couch with the tea the woman has vanished. a voice behind her at the door it was Paul

"You ok sweetie you looked like you've seen a ghost". Running to him sobbing "I think IM losing my mind people are showing up and disappearing everywhere" then told him about the movie theatre and the library ."Know what you need" he told her. Led her to the couch and sat her down and started to rub her shoulders ."moaning that feels so goodddddddddd" said Tina she whispered" run me some bath water for me"

Paul went in the bathroom and turned on some hot water .Paul found some bath beads and threw some in the water when the tub was full Tina walked in. Paul slowly removed her clothes and helped her in the tub Removing his clothes Paul slipped in the tub next to her bathing her with the warm soapy water rag She turned around and kissed him passionly. I felt in love with you the moment I saw your face. After they bathe each other they got out and dried each other and went in the bedroom .Tina lit some candles and pulled back the bed covers and they both climbed in the bed.Paul kept massaging her back She rolled over and kissed him passionly and they made love..

In the middle of the night Tina rolled over and noticed Paul was gone. Tina got out of bed and walked out the door looking for him then noticed a crowd in the middle of town remembering the warnings walked down the stairs cautiously walking slowly toward the crowd she noticed a man on a tall platform with his hands tied behind his back and his head placed on a guillotine a hooded man was asking this man for any last request. Man was pleading that he was innocence. the rope tighten around the mans neck and the blade came crashing down on the man neck seperating from his body. crowd went wild with excitement  the hooded man took the mans head and tossed it over his shoulder as it it was a bridal bouquet. One woman caught it and held it up like it was a baseball foul ball and ran off with her prize. The hooded man spoke up "Ok Ben you can have the rest of Jake's body now" . Ben walked up the stairs on the platform and pick up the remains body and flung it over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Tina was horrified she quickly headed back to the apartment when someone saw her and yells" fresh meat "fresh meat" Looking around people started chasing her Tina took off and ran in the street into the middle of town. Seeing the movie theatre Tina ran inside. Inside was a man standing there with glowing eyes" hello fresh meat" and bit her arm .

Pushing him back and screamed .Tina notice some stairs and she ran toward them
upstairs and ran down a hall . A woman standing there "hello flesh dear" she ran past the woman A door that said Projection Room Tina opened the door and ran inside closing and locking the door behind her. Below she heard voices "I saw her go in here someone said lets search the place". Through a window Tina saw dawn was breaking there was now silence. Tina looked out the projection window the crowd below had dissapeared just as quick as they came. Tina shaken quickly walked out the room and down the stairs looking around to make sure no one was around then walked outside.

The sheriff patrol car in front. Sheriff conley got out of the car ."Well hello Tina" said the sheriff "what you doing down here". " Sheriff you have spooks in this town". " What" laugh the sheriff she told him about the crowd and the quilotine". I been patrolling all night said the sheriff its been quiet all night" suddenly the radio went off ."got to run now dear take care spooks " he was saying to himself laughing . Tina headed back home. tina went back in her bedroom Paul was in the bed sound asleep. paul sat up "hey doll where you been jogging ?. "Where were you I was so frighten". had to get some fresh meat for the café Paul explained ".running towards Paul "hold me please" Paul put his arms around her and kissed her face and held her tightly with his arms.



Paul held his arms tightly around Tina she ."asked what happened in the town fire ."

Refuring to Paul about the book she saw in the library and about the elderly mans warning Paul

' 1930 there was a gang of hoodlums smoking in town and someone threw a firecracker near a chemical plant and the building caught fire and the fire spread we didn't have a good fire department back then and the equipment was old .So lost of lives were lost including several children. Year later they started to rebuild. My parents live here I grew up here were a close community . Al was kind enough to let me find work here been here ever since"

Tina then told about her night about the crowd and the guillotine and been chased through town. Tina asked are there cannibals here in this town what Paul laughed ."Cannibals yea right your just stressed sweetie and I know just how to relax you." Paul then walked over to Tina and UN zipped her dress and removed her bra .Tina pull down Paul's boxers. Paul lifted Tina in his arms and carried her to the bed and place her on the bed . got back under the covers and kissed her gently and the two of them made love until it was time for work. hour later the two got up and got dressed. Paul said "See you down stairs "in the corner of the wall behind a picture was an eyeball watching every move they were making .Tina got dressed and headed downstairs to the café. Sheriff and Ben were talking and when they saw Tina come in they stopped. sheriff asked Tina ."Seen any more spooks" laughing. went back reading his paper there was a couple sitting in a booth Tina walked over and pored them each some coffee and gave them a menu.

The woman spoke up ill have a Tina special . Whatttttttttt said Tina. AL suddenly ran over sorry wrong menu.

"It was gonna be a surprise. Guess the cats out of the bag" al gave the couple a different menu .Tina this is Pat and Mary trakway they run the pool hall in town here " nice to meet you young lady" pat said Door opened and a drunk staggered in "hellllllo every one" he said with a slur and you could smell of alcohol on his breath. Al whispered that's cal juniper down drunk".Oh hiya sheriff"cal said as he headed toward a stool he sat down but missed crashing to the floor . Sheriff got up as to help cal up but instead took out his pistol and shot cal twice.

Tina watching this was horrified."Your all a witness" said the sheriff self defense he came after me." Ben please take cal and prepare him. right sheriff" Ben walked over and dragged the now dead drunk cal out the door Tina said" I had enough of this town I'm leaving". Sheriff stood up blocking her path" "I'm sorry Tina no one ever leaves this town". " wan bet" Tina said she went past him and head for her car and got inside and started the ignition and back up and sped forward sheriff then got his radio and radio the deputies" we got a code 6 escapee leaving town" the radio came back 10-4 sheriff"

Tina was coming to the edge of town when she noticed two walls were coming close together to block her exit "what the devil "said Tina so she made a U-turn and headed to the other side of town she came to the other side and this to had walls closing together" this city is a human prison" Tina said she saw blue lights in her rearview mirror and she stopped her car and got out several deputies got out smiling and then the sheriff pulled up next to them "welcome back"

" Tina we told ya no one leaves Clarksville" Tina took off running down the street she ran in a building that said POOL HALL 2 bulky men were shooting pool she approach one "please help me I'm being followed one " looked up sure"sweet flesh "as he walked toward Tina she grabbed a pool stick and swung it at him the stick went right through him "ooooooooooo hey Casey a real spit fire huh " "yea Roy how about that she "swung at the other one and it went through him also "oops ya missed dear" she ran to a man playing pinball "please help"me man looked up "hey flesh wan play hide-n- seek "

Tina ran out the door she saw a sign that read REST=N-PEACE funeral home Tina ran inside she looked around and ran in the back room she saw a sign that said STORAGE ROOM she opened the door and went inside she noticed there was several caskets laying next to each other in a row she opened a empty casket and climbed in side and closed the lid she laid still and felt a body next to her suddenly a man opened his eyes and looked at her and grabbed her biting her arm Tina screamed and open the lid and jumped out running out of the room she ran down the hall to a room where it said PREPARATION ROOM she went inside there on a table was cal the drunk laying naked.

Next to him was a butcher slicer on ( ready )was flashing on and off.In a corner was a package of meat with plastic wrap over it with the label Miss Thomas on the front. Tina said "my gosh there making burger meat out of towns people " " this town is to bizarre for me I must get out" Tina walked out of the room and back in the storage room she walked slowly one by one to each casket then she noticed a plaque on the end of a casket she looked closer on the plaque

It read this( reserve for Tina WINCASTLE )

'That in 1930 there was a gang of hoodlums smoking in town and someone threw a cigarette near a chemical plant and the building caught fire and the fire spread we didn't have a good fire department back then and the equipment was old so lost of lives were lost including several children so a year later they started to rebuild my parents live here I grew up here were a close community al was kind enough to let me find work here been here ever since"

Tina then told about her night about the crowd and the guillotine and been chased through town then Tina asked are there cannibals here in this town what Paul laughed "cannibals yea right your just stressed sweetie and I know just how to relax you" Paul then walked over to Tina and UN zipped her dress and removed her bra Tina pull down Paul's boxers Paul lifted Tina in his arms and carried her to the bed and place her on the bed then he got back under the covers and kissed her gently and the two of them made love until it was time for work about an hour later the two got up and got dressed Paul said see you down stairs in the corner of the wall behind a picture was an eyeball watching every move they were making Tina got dressed and headed downstairs to the café the sheriff and Ben were talking and when they saw Tina come in they stopped the sheriff asked Tina "seen any more spooks" laughing then he went back reading his paper there was a couple sitting in a booth Tina walked over and pored them each some coffee and gave them a menu

The woman spoke up ill have a Tina special whatttttttttt said Tina AL suddenly ran over sorry wrong menu

"It was gonna be a surprise guess the cats out of the bag" al gave the couple a different menu Tina this is pat and Mary trakway they run the pool hall in town here in town nice to meet you young lady pat said Then the door opened and a drunk staggered in hellllllo every one he said with a slur and you could smell of alcohol on his breath al whispered that's cal juniper oh hiya sheriff cal said as he headed toward a stool he sat down but missed crashing to the floor the sheriff got up as to help cal up but instead took out his pistol and shot cal twice Tina watching this was horrified"your all a witness" said the sheriff self defense he came after me" Ben please take cal and prepare him right sheriff"

Ben walked over and dragged the now dead cal out the door Tina said" I had enough of this town I'm leaving" the sheriff stood up blocking her path" "I'm sorry Tina no one ever leaves this town" wan bet as Tina walked out the door and headed towards her car.

Tina was coming to the edge of town when she noticed two walls were coming close together to block her exit ."What the devil "said Tina .So she made a U-turn and headed to the other side of town she came to the other side and this to had walls closing together". This city is a human prison" Tina said she saw blue lights in her rearview mirror and she stopped her car and got out. Several deputies got out smiling and then the sheriff pulled up next to them "welcome back".

" Tina we told ya no one leaves Clarksville". Tina took off running down the street she ran in a building that said POOL HALL . 2 bulky men were shooting pool she approach one. "Please help me I'm being followed one "looked up sure"sweet flesh "as he walked toward Tina she grabbed a pool stick and swung it at him the stick went right through him "ooooooooooo hey Casey a real spit fire huh ". "Yea Roy how about that she "swung at the other one and it went through him also "oops ya missed dear". Tina ran to a man playing pinball "please help me"

Man looked up "hey flesh wan play hide-n- seek "Tina ran out the door she saw a sign that read REST=N-PEACE funeral home. Tina ran inside she looked around and ran in the back room. a sign that said STORAGE ROOM Tina opened the door and went inside there was several caskets laying next to each other in a row. opening a empty casket Tina climbed in side and closed the lid .tina laid still and felt a body next to her suddenly a man opened his eyes and looked at her and grabbed her biting her arm .Tina screamed and open the lid and jumped out. Running out of the room she ran down the hall to a room where it said PREPARATION ROOM . There on a table was cal the drunk laying naked .N ext to him was a butcher slicer on ( ready )was flashing on and off..In a corner was a package of meat with plastic wrap over it with the label Miss Thomas ..

Tina said "my gosh there making burger meat out of towns people ." " Town is to bizarre for me I must get out" Tina walked out of the room and back in the storage room .Walking slowly one by one to each casket She noticed a plaque on the end of a casket she looked closer on the plaque

It read this( reserve for Tina WINCASTLE ).



Tina quickly got out of the room .

"There planning me a funeral said tina". Tina walked out of the funeral home and back towards the café . AL was serving soup to a customer. al looked up "There you my dear

" You ok " "I know that was a frightening experience for you". Al walked over to Tina and hugged her "Don't mind the sheriff he gets lonely when people leave".

Tina took her place next to the counter. mother and a small child sat down and Tina gave them a menu . "Tina this is Paula Frankfurt and her son". " Nice to meet you both ". "they,re having a treat cause there both being executed tonight kind of last treat before they go". Tina said "what mother and child? what on earth for". " Stealing "said al "they were hungry and both were caught stealing."

Tina whispered "does this child know" al said" of course not"

" You mean your killing an innocent child "said Tina.

" Have to " says al has" no father for the child so we Must kill them both. Tina broke down and cried" .A helpless child "Tina suggested "How bout if I raise the child". " Sorry "said al "has to be kin folks ".

"Where you keeping them"?asked Tina al said "cell till midnight" handing the sundae to the child "there you go bobby" said alas he pat the child head. Café door opened and the priest walked in and walked over to the mother and son and blessed them both, and kissed the child on his head. sheriff walked into the café with two " deputies "There she is boys arrest her for leaving the scene of a crime".

Two deputies walked over and one handcuffed Tina and cuffed the other hand "lets go young lady" said one they escorted Tina to the patrol car and helped her inside. When they arrived at the jail they helped her out and took her inside. the deputy unlocked the cell door and pushed Tina in and closed the door.

Tina sat on the wooden cotton she heard a voice from the next cell". Did you murder too young lady" she looked next to her and there stood a elderly woman who had gray hair". I killed my son he was gonna put me in a nursing home." I hit him with a pan by accident, but I guess I hit him too hard "oh my name is SARA .

" Nice to meet you "said Tina

I'm waiting for my trial . the sheriff then appeared in front of Tina " shut up old woman no talking" sheriff hollered .

Then the sheriff ordered Tina cell to be unlocked and went in " Maybe we can work on bail for you sweetheart". " how" said Tina "You spent a little time with me and tonight I,ll leave your cell door unlocked and you escape while I take a nap. "what you say" as he started to kiss her and caress her breast "your crazy". Said Tina

well maybe I can convince you. He grabbed her arm and dragged her in the sheriff office . and closed the door. Ripping her blouse sheriff tore her bra off exposing her breast .

and rip her skirt and removed her undies and then raped her. when he was finished he threw her blouse to her and took her back to her cell .

and closed the door . Sara saw Tina" you ok dear" Tina was sobbing what kind of town is can I leave. Tina was looking toward the wall and noticed a slight split in the wall and pushed on the wall. A secret room was revealed . looking around tina slipped in the room it led downstairs to a cellar. There on a table in the corner of the room was a oil lamp and a box of matches Tina lit a match and put the match in the the lamp The room was lit with an errieeeeeee glow.

In the center of the room was a large kettle. Tina walked over and looked inside the kettle and there was some skeleton bones. Tina looked around and noticed several book shelves. shelves had different books (cannibals for dummies )(cannibals ,cookbook ) (cannibals are for lovers,) on the wall was the picture of the sheriff holding a persons head like a person would hold a prize winning fish catch ."this town is wicked " said Tina, then she heard a voice" please don't let them eat us" she turned around and there was a crowd behind her "please help us". Tina asked "who are you all? We,re all prisoners down here waiting to be eaten please help us." " once I get out of here I.ll come back and help you escape" Tina told the group "I must return now but be back". with that Tina headed back into the cell once again and laid on her cot Lights went out in the jail and two shots rang out.Then the lights came back on. Tina noticed the cell door was opened .she slowly pushed opened the cell door and walked near the sheriff door and looked in the office.Tina saw the sheriff slumped over . Tina walked slowly to the desk and pushed back the sheriff body and noticed there was two bullet holes in the sheriff head .

she walked out of the office and on the street headed back to the café…



Tina walked back downtown back to her apartment when she arrived back to her apartment and walked into the bathroom and ran her some hot bath water Tina heard a knock on the door Tina walked to answered the door it was Paul." Hey doll"he smiled "you ok" Tina started weeping "oh Paul where have you been I was so frighten" he bent down to kiss her lips". I was with Ben all night" Tina told about the sheriff being shot and about the lights going on and off. Paul walked Tina over to the couch and calmed her down After relaxing her. Paul had to leave and told her he would see her in the morning, gave her a final kiss and walked out the door.

Tina walked in the bathroom and removed her clothes and stepped in the warm soapy water after soaking in the tub. Tina got out dried her self off and headed to the bedroom. Climbing in the bed Tina finally went to sleep . some time in the middle of the night. Tina was woken by some noise coming from the café. Tina got up and slipped on a robe and went outside and down

toward the café. the café lights were on. Trying the café door and it was unlock to her surprise. Tina pushed the door open and called out" AL you in here". The lights flickered off Tina heard a familiar voice" hello sweetness" and the lights came back on she turned around and standing in front of her was the sheriff with the bullet holes still shown in his head .Tina screamed and ran out the door towards town. Paula and bobby were on the street "please" begged Paula" don't let them eat us" bobby started to cry .Tina bent down to pick up bobby but her arms went right through him ". oh my heavens"

said Tina .Paula reached for Tina's hand when she tried to grab Paula hand it too want through Tina hand .Tina ran on towards town she came upon the library and ran inside. Tina ran to the front desk "you have to help me" said Tina"I have to get out of this town ". "Why sure dear I will help you " she reached behind her and pulled a cord and the sounding of a church bell rang out .

The woman then called out "come children dinner" people appeared from every where and started to approach her, Tina took off running, and noticed some stairs leading to a second floor. running to the second floor tina hid among some book shelves. someone behind her started talking to her.

" I warned you young lady you wouldn't listen". turning around it was the old man who she met when first arrived in town when she was reading about the history of the town. slowly backing away Tina went to the other book shelves . A child crying a little girl looked up at her and asked" put me out I'm on fire I'm burning".

A man and woman was in a heated argument and he pulled out a knife and stabbed her turning quickly saw Tina standing there and threw down the knife "you didn't see that did you ."

Tina took off and ran down stairs one man stopped her and asked "where's the train "? one woman was calling out for her husband. A man on a cell phone was talking to another person on the other end ".Can you here me now? good "he said.

Tina saw the ladies room at the end of the library and ran toward it. Tina opened the door and ran in and closed it behind her and locked it .

Tina walked over and sat on the floor shaking what kind of town is this place she asked her self. Hours later the library seemed .quiet the sun was now shinning through a window. Tina opened the bathroom door. She walked slowly down the library and out the door and down the street she noticed
the funeral home And heard voiced coming from inside . cautiously walked inside it was Paul and Ben talking ."This is a nice haul "said Ben where you get this Tina heard the voice of Paul saying ."Courtesy of the local obituaries" Paul laughed ."I go and give my respects and when they leave I go back" " this should feed a good bunch "said Ben laughing .Lets go, you can helped prepare them" said Ben with that they headed towards the .back Tina slowly followed them listening closely ."Does Tina know" asked Ben "no are you kidding "said Paul "I "make love to her and I slip out at night".

"So that where he goes at night "said Tina to herself . Tina then quickly ran back outside not to be noticed and back towards the café .Tina arrived back at the café and went inside she saw al leaving out the door ."Oh morning "said al "watch the place would you have to run to the bank for a deposit". Tina walked in and headed toward the back .Tina noticed al office and walked in the corner was a desk. Tina walked over to it there was stacks of paper, a half a cup of coffee, and a menu lying on the desk .Tina picked it up and looked at it. In the middle of the menu was a special of the day it read
( tin star special in honor of our sheriff who we sadly lost last night) she then saw al's locker. she walked over to it and opened it.There on a shelf was the sheriffs belt and uniform hanging on a hanger..



Tina was horrified"this café is killing and cooking people" said Tina ."That's why my name was on that menu that day I was gonna be killed and cooked. Why al grabbed the menu so I wouldn't see it".

My life is in danger everyone that dies gets a burger named after them " that's right". said a voice behind her Tina looked up standing in front of her was AL was swinging a meat cleaver at her you are tomorrows menu so lets not waste any more time stand still and then you will be a part of our community . Sheriff conley appeared be hind them" hello sweet thing" said the sheriff. You "are all a bunch of spooks" said Tina". Correction" said AL friendly spooks so come on lets get this over with .Tina screamed and back in a corner.

Al walked over and started the grill .Tina noticed a can of grease on a shelf "ok but let me remove my blouse first its new ". they all laughed" what ever ." she asked them all to look away  when the two turned there head Tina grabbed the can and threw it on the grill and fire shot up. AL and the sheriff looked up and backed away fire and fire put it out we hate fire. Tina ran past them quickly Tina headed back to the jail cell where her friends were waiting . walking in the jail and in the cell and pushed back the hidden wall and headed down the stairs . A child walked to Tina "are you here to rescue us" ?" yes "said Tina" IM gonna try" a man walked out of a hiding place and introduced himself "I,M Tom Franklin the town mayor until the sheriff arrested me falsely". Tina then asked tom" you folks afraid of fire ?"no of course not" replied tom.

"Well I found out the town above is and the only way to free you is to set fire to the town to draw attention to release you folks ". Tina sat down against the wall until dark settle in . Little girl walked to Tina and asked "would you like to see where I live "? "sure dear " said Tina the grabbed Tina hand and pulled her up and grabbed a torch hanging on a wall. Led Tina down a passage way." Follow me" she said she showed  Tina a ladder that led upwards and the girl push an opening that led to another room . Room was filled with more people " We are the original towns people" a woman spoke up when she saw Tina . " We are waiting for someone to set us free to take over the town again" she then asked Tina". have you come to help us dear? "Yes " replied Tina "bless you dear .the woman said" I must leave but I will return". she all told them farewell and then climbed back down the ladder and back in the tunnel my name is Sara " she told Tina "my brother is Timmy we both died in the fire my mom and dad are in this next room". Tina was led to a cave opening a man walked up "Hello my name is sal. My wife is Beth we've been here along time .

Tina started to weep" I had no idea you folks were all down here " Everyone walked back into the kettle room. Sal walked over and banged the kettle with a spoon the room was filled with people" listen up people miss Tina is planning our escape".

"You children follow Tina and then when it is clear Tina will come back after the rest of us .
Tina led the children upstairs and in the cell once they were in the jail cell .Tina announced children take the streets the kids took off as if they were on a playground yelling and screaming.Tina smiled with happiness Tina went back down the stairs .Ok Tina announced "lets move" the crowd followed Tina and she led them to the café the three men were in the café drinking coffee. Tina arrived in front of the café" This our first stopped "Tina walked in the café" hello AL meet my new friends "Al and the rest looked up in shocked" helloooooooooooooo fellows " said tom " How the devil you all get out". Al spoke up" now look tom I did mean to lock you folks up it was sheriff idea. Sheriff oh yea blame it on .me said the sheriff what you doing in here . Were having a bar-b- que and you folks are the main menu replied tom.



Many of the villagers gathered in the café. Tom spoke up "your father torched this town al and killed the sheriff. Fakeing an election got the recent sheriff to take over. now with the help of our friend Tina were taking back over this town. then they heard noises outside. Pointing to Tina this woman violated the curfew rule section 132.5 NO PERSONS AFTER DARK yelled a woman suddenly the crowd grabbed Tina and led her outside.In middle of town was a platform once again tom led Tina up the stairs and bound her hands and blindfolded her and knelt her down and place her head in the guillotine ." Tina the new stranger in town I sentence you to death according to the rules of the code section 132.5 how do you plead "

Tina cried IM innocent suddenly Tina heard a shot from the crown "untie that woman now" Paul said" to him this don't concern you stay out of this. Paul lit a torch and swung it among the crowd the crowd backed away slowly he ran up on the platform and untied Tina and unblindfolded her

"Well isn't that just the sweetest thing" said tom". We have a another meal at hand.

" I don't think so" said Paul. Led Tina down the stairs

" ' your mommy ever tell you don't play with matches". with that paul torched the platform and thew the torch on tom he screamed with torment a shout from among the crowd code red,code red

bell rang out quickly "Paul said we must get out of here that's a attack bell there "

calling for help "whos coming? " the spirit" said Paul "there calling the town spirits for help "
back inside the café Paul led Tina towards the back of the kitchen he opened his locker "where we going "asked Tina "they'll be here any moment" " wan bet watch this ". Paul reached in and pulled on a hanger in his closet a door slid back revealing a passage way" follow me its an old moonshine shaft and underground tunnel system they used to hide moon shiners down here" he led Tina down a path . Father moon shined when I was young. what kind of friendship do you have with these people"? ask Tina" me and Ben were close till he double crossed me " " they were planning on blackmailing me.they were planning on accusing me of murder.heard the sheriff and al talking one night over coffee " "was gonna make me next weeks special " " so you're the one that shot the sheriff.had to said Tina I was watching the night he raped you made me upset.

" come on ill show you" he stopped in front of a ladder and climbed up And moved a plank away they found themselves against a wall they were looking at a back of a clock Paul moved the clock side ways and Tina was looking inside the jailhouse. I saw everything so I cut the power off and shot him with two bullets to the skull.



Tina made her way back through the tunnel they traveled for several miles they reached a another ladder and climbed up and pushed back a stone. Found themselves in a cemetery next to a tombstone. it was now approaching dawn the sun was beginning to rise" the townspeople hate the sun we will stay close in town" " come on lets gets some groceries". they reached the town grocery store and went in Paul looked around to make sure there was not gonna be a problem . man enter the front of the store "hey Paul " said the owner hey Barry as he shook the mans hand you know Tina he asked" Barry sure" said Barry" how are you miss"? Tina "fine " replied Tina he pulled Barry to the side "were in a fixed can you help" " sure smiled Barry what's up " he told him about the sheriff and the rest Paul explained "I need you to round up the fellows for a town war" " ohhhhhhhhhhh goody a rumble".

Barry laughed " my house this evening spread the word " Paul then picked out several items of food and brought them to the register Barry said "put your money away its ok on me " they told Barry farewell and headed to the end of town and stopped at a motel. Paul told Tina there are friends inside so they entered in . ahhhhhhh the man at the desk said Mr. Paul", Madame he lean over the desk and asked the man "he needs to see Carlos right away" moments later a Spanish man appeared from the back "hello Paul " said the man and shook his hand . "would you like a room" winking " we got trouble and need reinforcement for some trouble "said Paul to Carlos he told Carlos too about the sheriff and the town people he then introduced him to Tina you pretty thing kissing her hand "ok you smoothie "
they said goodbye and headed out the door and back to the cemetery  and back to the tombstone Paul moved back the fake tombstone revealing there tunnel and they climbed back down the stairs they edged their way back to Paul's house  they finally arrived to the entrance back to his house and climbed back up and entered inside they walked over to the couch and waited for the others to show up .suddenly the door crashed open " the sheriff and several others pointing rifles at them lets all take a stroll calmly to the jail "shall we

' they all clicked there rifles and motion them to move Tina and Paul slowly headed to the door and walked outside once they arrived the jail they told them to wait here said the sheriff the sheriff proceeded to unlock two cells then told al to bring them inside sheriff moved Paul in one cell and closed the door he took Tina and kissed her on the lips looks familiar doesn't it he snickered and pushed Tina in another cell and closed the door" now lovers wait till dark and well have a big feast

' al said ill be back have to warm up the grill with that al left the sheriff rolled a chair outside their cells Tina asked how can you be alive your dead yes but my spirit is very much alive we don't have any resting places yet its like when you die you're floating above waiting to see if the doctors gonna to revive you or not ." great Casper ghost" said Tina sheriff then heard a noise outside
Barry and a few men were standing outside carrying torches "we hear you have our boy Paul and miss Tina "now you folks go on home" said the sheriff" we don't want trouble" one of the men threw a torch on the sheriff say good bye sheriff . the sheriff disappeared with a puff of smoke" rusty got get Tina and Paul "said Barry and man entered the cell and got the keys from the wall and unlocked the cell doors once they were free they all headed toward the café" lets go see uncle al "said Barry,Barry pulled out a horn and called out sprit of the old town unite with that he blew a horn people emerged from everywhere men woman and children he then gave a command" take over the town people "several people gathered around the café and entered in Ben was at the counter drinking coffee he looked up and called out "al!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got company "the door crashed in".al parties over al"
said Barry al laughed" I don't think so we that al reached under the counter and pushed a red button and a siren went off "let the war begin" said al.



The two towns met face to face Carlos then spoke up" you folks are gonna have to move quietly now" Ben cried "out over our dead bodies" " I was hoping you say that" said Carlos with he put a torch to one of the townspeople and a man was got with a puff one by one each towns people swung torches at each other after awhile the only one was left was Carlos and the town people who gathered with them the remaining old town people dropped there torches and fled back in town Carlos and the rest of the people along with Tina and Paul walked in the café " now " said Paul were taking over the town al looked at them laughing I don't think so al reached back under the counter and pushed a green button the floor the slid back where Tina and Paul was standing causing them to drop below in a pit then a set of bars slid across the top above them

"well said Al looks like well have our bar-b- q after all you folks just sit tight" the bars slid open and al but several of coal down on top of them in the pit and the bars slid back then al looked out the window" come on Ben suns coming up these guys aren't going any where " Al pulled out a badge out of his pocket and put it on "well looks like I'm the new sheriff Ben you can be the new cook here" and placed a chef hat on Ben head " thanks sheriff" Ben laughed "well I think we can lower the gates now no one else is leaving "al said goodbye and headed to his new office and sat in his new chair he reached over and pushed and pushed a button said read north gate and pushed a button that read (Southgate) slowly the walls on both ends of town opened back up" looks like a beautiful morning " back in the café Ben being the new cook heated up the grill walked around the counter and pulled out the help wanted sign from underneath the counter A little boy walked in the café and climbed on a stool and sat down "well hello Billy" said Ben "what you need ice cream with choc syrup "and nuts coming right up while Ben turned his back to fix the Billy ice cream Billy notice a spider crawling across the floor he ran over to stomp it and notice Paul and Tina hie" Mr. Paul "Billy said Paul motion him to be quiet with his finger on his lips he whispered go get "Mr. barley and the pool hall gang we need help"

" ok whispered" Billy

Ben noticed Billy on the floor what you doing down there Billy aked Ben "killing spiders" said Billy Ben said" well come on your ice creams ready " Billy got up and climbed on the stool after eating his ice cream Billy jumped down and said "gotta go bye Mr. Ben" Ben smiled and told him so long then Tina and Paul heard the café door open her a female voice " hi I'm new in town and notice your sign I need a job sure " Ben poured the young lady some coffee she was 5 ft 4 strawberry blonde hair My name is Stacy fenmore" nice to meet you" said Ben "were a quiet town but I advise you not to wander outside its not safe" Tina whispered "where have I heard that speech" Paul pulled Tina close to him "don't worry doll well get out of here "Stacy asked" is there some where I can stay and freshen up "

Ben said" theres apartment above the café the renter before had to leave suddenly so you can move right in "thanks "Stacy said she drank her coffee and paid the the café door crashed open and several rough characters from the pool hall walked in "hiya Ben ole boy " "morning Tony can I help you fellows" the fellows all sat at a booth "ummmmmmm where miss Tina and Paul "? "oh they left" Ben said nervously "what a shame" said Tony" so quickly" then Tony snapped his " boys lets help Ben find paul and Tina Tony and several other pulled out a switchblade with that one of the men smashed a bench with a bat he was carrying not here Tony laughing couple of guys smashed some windows wow is it stuffy in here then Paul cried out Tony "down here " Tony walked over and pulled back a rug and looked down "hiya kids how ya doing" he spoke to Ben "release them" one guy had a switchblade against Ben neck and walked him over to the counter Ben pushed the green button Tony them helped them both out of the pit.

" thanks Tony "no problem and Tina hugged Tony" now boys lets go see the new sheriff you two scram " the two went outside and headed for Tina car and they both climbed in Tina said" lets get out of this town "Paul turned to" Tina I cant leave this town I got to get this town back in control this town is all I know " Tina was in tears" how can I ever thank you" with tears now streaming down her cheek he wiped away her tears and put it in his pocket Paul kissed her passionly "i.ll never forget you doll " Paul got out of the car and closed the door Tina started the car and pulled away slowly she looked at him in the rearview mirror waving with tears in her eyes she pulled out of the city limits she noticed a sign your leaving Clarksville please come back "yea right" said Tina once out of the city and pulled into a gas station she got out and put The gas pump in the tank she filled her car up and went in to pay for the gas on the a attendant watching a small TV he was listening to the weatherman on TV announce came on the "TV ONCE AGAIN A TORNADO WARNING IS IN EFFECT FOR THE TOWN OF CLARSVILLE ALL PEOPLE TAKE COVER PLEASE" and now back to our regular program she paid for her gas and out the door she noticed the clouds were getting dark and the winds started to pick up. the gas attendant came outside and hollered" miss you might one to come in and take cover twister coming this way advising all to take cover"

"Ok thanks said Tina I'm coming back inside"



 Tina started inside the gas station she went to the self serve to get her a soda and a bag of chips and a yogurt she walked over to the register and paid for her items she then started to think about Paul and how she was missing him already . all of the good times they had shared Tina looked out the window the wind was really picking up now she could see the tree branches bending in the wind the weatherman then came back on the TV station

"there was a funnel cloud spotted 3 miles near the Clarksville area everyone is advised to take cover " Tina ran for the door she couldn't stand it any longer the clouds were now pitch black She heard thunder in the background Tina got in her car and started the ignition and drove away.the rain started hitting her windshield hard she turned on the wipers she noticed debree lying in the road way along the side of the road were several trees lying down once again she saw the Clarksville sign" well here we go again" said Tina "and I wasn't ever coming back eithe"r she stopped the car in front of the café and got out she started to holler for

"Paul Paul Paul" where are you from behind her was a shadow . welcome back missy" Tina turned around it was al and several deputies holding guns right at her this time "were making sure you not leaving" al motion to two men and they walked over and handcuffed her roughly " take her home boy" said al "ill be there shortly" the two men took Tina in the patrol car and opened the door and pushed her in and closed the door and the deputies got in the car and drove away when they got to the jail they got Tina out and took her inside one of the deputies unlocked the cell she heard a voice" Tina baby" it was Paul who was now locked up himself the deputy pushed Tina inside " there love birds you're together again" and closed the door and the deputy went back outside Paul then called out" what you doing back here sweetie"

" I was so worried" Tina said "I saw the tornado warnings and got worried about you"

" you were my only hope but I'm glad you're here don't worry things will be alright"
suddenly it got quiet outside" sounds like the storm past " said Paul so Tina and Paul decided to sit back on their cots and relax he started thinking how to get out of this mess back at the café the door opened and the reverend walk in morning people . he looked around the now destroyed café what happened in here oh rough boys came in the café and smashed the place he then asked" where's Tina the young lady haven't seen her around much " " oh she had to leave town on emergency" Ben told the reverend "oh what a shame such a sweet young girl to " so Ben introduced reverend to the new girl Stacy the is the pastor of the local church in town " nice to meet you my dear: then al walked over and whispered to Ben he paused a moment "your kidding well ill be what you know " several of the kids came in the café hey sheriff one asked"can we see the bad people " " well ok" said but don't get to close" with that the group of kids ran back outside toward the jail they arrived at the jail and went inside there they saw Tina and Paul in two jail cells hie Paul and miss Tina "what cha doing in there playing bank robbers Paul called over to a little girl "hey becca how would you like to make a couple of dollars"

" sure "becca grinned with delight " see those keys on the wall go over and bring it to uncle Paul would you "?

"sure" said becca with that she ran over to the wall and got the keys and gave it to Paul "thanks sweetie " he grabbed the keys and freed himself once out he went over and unlocked Tina cell door and she ran out and hugged and kissed him the kids all giggled then a deputy showed up what the Sam hill going on in here with quick thinking the kids grabbed the deputy and pushed him in the now empty cell where Tina was once in and shut the door " hey you little farts" yelled the deputy unlock this door Paul went over and gave each kids a dollar for there help well got go kids be good he took Tina by the hand and walked over to the clock on the wall and remove the plank revealing the stairs and they both climbed down and Paul replaced the board back from above they heard a siren sounding off "well looks like we are reported missing they be looking for us " now once inside Tina stopped long enough to kiss Paul "oh ive missed you so come we must keep moving "

"I know of a better place to hide " they came to another and climbed up pushed back some floor tiles Tina noticed they were in the ladies bathroom "were umm in the ladies room" Tina laughed what better place to hide" said Paul they walked out of the ladies room and found themselves in an old deserted motel well be safe in this old motel they walked down a hall and came to a room that had the number 132 Paul opened the door " your palace my sweet " they entered the room and Tina saw a master suite with a king size bed he turned Tina around and started to UN button her blouseand removed her jeans she unbutton his shirt and slowly slipped it off he then removed her jeans and panties and she in returned unbutton his jeans and boxers and they climbed on the bed and pulled back the covers "I missed this " said Tina" I have to "said Paul they started to kiss passionly and made love they woke up several hours later and got up and got dressed" come on "said Paul "lets go find some food in this place" they walked out of there room and down the hall they found an old restraunt and went inside and headed toward the kitchen they found a fridge Paul looked inside and found some few eggs and a slab of bacon Paul looked around and found some skillets and cooked them some Breakfast. after they finished eating Paul said "how do like the zoo" ? "

I love zoos why" " wouldn't it be tragic if the animals happen to get loose" Tina looked at Paul" you mean by accident " Paul laughed why of course accident they reached the ladies room once again and pulled back the floor tiles and helped Tina down Paul climbed down and replaced the tiles They walked several miles and stopped at another ladder Tina climbed up and they found themselves in front of the zoo entrance they looked around "come on" said Pau"l lets go talk to the animals" and they walked inside they walked down the zoo Paul loosen the door and yelled the elephants came crashing through the door "oops" said Paul how that happen they walked on down the sidewalk till they came to the tiger cages he then unlocked the gate and stepped back quickly out of sight " that ought to do the trick lets go " they headed back to the zoo entrance and climbed back down the entrance they walked back down through the tunnel and stopped at the stairs again Paul climbed up and helped Tina they found themselves at the tombstone entrance which takes them in town they headed toward the café are" you crazy "?asked Tina" you have a death wish "? " trust me " said Paul they entered the café " hello boys" called out Paul the people jumped up al looked at Paul" how you get out" said al "well come out here and arrest me" said Paul "lets go and settle this once and for all"" it will be my pleasure" said al they both walked outside



The two men face to face Paul held his fist Ben laughed I don't fight that way Always cheat with Ben removed a pistol from underneath his shirt and pointed at directly at Paul Ben cocked back the pistol he shouted at hey al do me a favor start up the grill this shouldn't take long Ok said al now you two IM gonna shoot you and " then were gonna make your sweetie watch then were gonna feast" on her . the ground began to shake and there was a rumble in the distance Ben turned his head and saw a herd of elephants headed directly in Ben path Paul quickly pulled Tina out of the way and the two jump back Paul called out soooooooooooo long Ben OLE boy what the devil is that coming Paul explained isn't that they noticed a few were heading for the pool hall crashing into the building and some ran into the library, people were running everywhere out of the library to escape Ben tried to move out of the way but Paul swung at Ben giving him a upper cut flying back in the path of the charging elephants Ben screamed and the elephants crushed him to death Paul instructed Tina to quickly head for the jail lets get out of the way the other animals will being coming soon once they were safely inside the jail they noticed several tigers coming down the middle of town growling there was the sound of windows crashing one tiger had jumped in the window of the café Tina and Paul heard the voice of al saying get back get back then there was growling coming from the café everyone heard a large scream and then there were silence one of the towns people cried out there they are lets get them

Tina and Paul looked up several of the towns people were heading there way carrying torches Paul grabbed Tina hand and headed for his apartment Tina then thought of a better way the under ground Tunnel inside the cell door "come on I know of a better place " said Tina and she led Paul to the jail cell

":that's a dead end in there" said Paul "watch this" said Tina she pushed back the hidden wall and once again it reveal the hidden stairwell they quickly went inside the wall and went down the stairs

well i.ll be said Paul once they were well inside the cave Tina led Paul down the passage way of the tunnel she grabbed the torch hanging on the wall well being needing this  they went deep inside the tunnel and found a cave to the right "this ought to do nicely said Tina they settled inside a cave and snuggled closely together

Tina asked once they were settled and sitting against the wall  So tell me how the town burned down it was long ago Back in Clarksville several kids were playing in the street one of the kids had a fire cracker in his hand One of the other kid gave a small boy a dare a boy name bobby williams I dare you to light that fire cracker and throw it in this building that boy who was holding the fire cracker name sammy No I get in trouble all the boys started to squawk like a chicken and calling him names

Don't call me that yelled out sammy as he began to sob then bobby walked up to him and told him to do it then hestantly bobby lit the fire cracker and threw it in the open window of a movie cinema they heard a loud explosion and the boys ran smoke was now filling the cinema  A fire engine soon could be heard in the distance still standing there ashamed what he had done took off running down the street

Moments later the fire engine arrived in front of the cinema several men got off the truck and hooked up the hose to a near by fire hydrent put the pressure wasn't enough to put out the fire which now engulfed with flames the fire soon spread throught the town people didn't get enough warning there back then were so kind of warnings no sirens or no bells so therefore many townspeople perished Sadly so did many children Tina began to sob " oh how awful" she said

"The fire consumed the whole town" Paul continued the people were determined to rebuild the town so they did after several years the town was slowly restored my father was the sheriff at the time and the people blamed him for not protecting the town so they voted him out and the now sheriff got elected by default he,s been here ever since no one has the guts to run against him

Tina suggested "why don't you go against him since AL the sheriff now "  Paul smiled " if I knew I had the chance I would"

"come on enough talk lets try to get some rest Tina snuggled close to Paul and they both closed their eyes and tried to get some sleep.

Several hours later they both woke up and started to stir around Tina stood up and streched her legs which now had fallen asleep Paul then too stood up" well lets adventure on" said Paul they once again picked up their torch and moved along the passage of the tunnel ahead of them on the left side of the wall the torch revealed some writing on the wall they both looked at the words closely and read





The earth then started to rumble and the walls began to shake In front of them a wall came crashing down and several skeletons came marching forward They were all carrying knives and forks one of the skeleton came forth and spoke

"hello Paul" what's cooking?



The skeletons grabbed Tina and Paul one of the skeletons pulled out a blindfold s

And put them on Tina and Paul and took them to the center of the tunnel in the main room where the big kettle was sitting the main skeleton gave the command to prepare the pot several skeletons bow and walked away they came back moments later with sticks of wood for the pot and placed it underneath someone lit the wood

And several workers started to pour water into the kettle "were wondering when you folks were coming over for lunch" the skeletons started to laugh they then removed their blindfolds Tina and Paul for the first time saw what was cooking Tina whispered "don't look good does it" Paul turned to Tina and winked "I have a plan" Paul spoke up" hold on since I'm a cook I need to test the water first for the right temperture"

"Be my guess" said the skeleton with that Paul grabbed the leader and whirled him in the kettle with a scream he landed in the kettle with a large splash several skeletons hearing the scream came running with knives swinging Paul grabbed the leader knive lying on the ground and started sword fighting with them as each fell Tina grab them one by one and tossed them in the kettle with each screaming one by one

After the last one finally fell and thrown in the kettle Tina and Paul looked at each other and smiled

"we make a pretty good team " said Tina from above coming from the hidden panel they heard voices someone called out " I heard screaming from down here " " lets move said Paul your room has been discovered they quickly ran back towards the tunnel where the skeletons were there was now a hole

where the wall had fallen in big enough for someone to crawl through they quickly moved through the tunnel into the hole " don't know where this goes but were fixing to find out" said paul

once inside they walked several feet and came across some railroad tracks" this must have been some train station "said Tina they walkrd several feet until they discovered an old drainage pipe "wonder where this leads" asked Paul Paul hoisted himself up and lowered his hand to pull up Tina

the pipe was too low to stand upright so they had to crawl on their hands and knees they crawl for several feet and came to a grate that was blocking their path Paul sat up and try to budge it with his foot it moved a little so Paul kick it with his foot the cover flew off and fell down Paul looked down it was more drainage pipes which had ladders leading downwards " let me see where this goes to" said Paul "no I want to go with you" cried Tina from the distance they heard foot steps running"I think they went through here" a voice was being heard "guess we don't have a choice" said Paul" let,s keep moving" they entered the pipe and climbed onto the ladder and started to climb up the ladder several feet they finally came out of the pipe into daylight Paul out next to her they looked around and noticed an old farm house in the distance "there at that farmhouse"Paul pointed to lets make a run for there they headed towards the farm moments later they heard shouting "there on the run" they reconized the voice of AL shots were now being fired one hit Tina,s leg"I been hit" cried out Tina Tina continued to run with a hobble they could see the farm in their sight out of nowhere a net entrapped them both
 and swoop upwards causing them to hang from a tree like a catch prey the men finally caught up with the caught prisoners with guns pointed towards the net al walked closer "well hello children" said al.

" alright boys cut them loose "ordered al " there not going anywhere several men lowered the net

while others bound Tina,s and Paul,s arms al walked over and kissed Tina,s lips "hello sweet thing

I missed you Tina spat in al,s face al wiping off the spit motion the men with his rifle " lock em away boys" al ordered a patrol car pulled up next to them one of the deputies open the patrol car door and

Led Tina and Paul by the door and shoved them in the car and closed the door

"locked up tight bruno said the al put them in the special ward " "right sheriff "answered bruno the patrol took off and headed back into town with dust kicking up behind the car


Chapter 14

Tina and Paul were once again blindfolded and led into a giant room They were both placed on two chairs back to back they felt someone tieing ropes together to their chairs

Then they heard the voice of al" alright boys remove their blindfolds Tina and paulquinted theirs eyes from having the blindfold on so long . once their eyes were adjusted they founds themselves in a large room in the center was a projector with a reel of film on it "were gonna have a little entertainment for you Explained al you'll watch a movie and when its over wer,re gonna have a bar-b- q in your honor
Look we even named a steak after you kids al walked over and showed a menu to Tina and Paul

On the menu it read TODAY SPECIAL LOVERS STEAK IN REMEMBERANCE OF Tina WINCASTLE AND OUR COOK Paul WHO DROWNED LAST EVENING OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS GO TO THEIR FAMILY"touching is,nt it as he took back the menu then they realized their in some kind of tank al walked over and kissed Tina on the lips farewell my lovely he then walked over to a ladder and climbed up the ladder he raised his hand and made a circular motion let er rip boys " called out al

From the bottom of the tank water started to fill in at a rapid pace and water started to fill the tank

From above al turned the lights out and turned on the movie projector" this will keep your mind busy so you don't notice the rising water " as he laughed "common fellows lets heat up the grill and then they heard a giant door close the water was continue to rise Paul and Tina was struggeling to get free Paul then remembered he always carries a pocket knife in his hip pocket he told Tina" reach in my back pocket to see if you can fetch my pocket knife doll" Tina slipped her hand in his pocket and pulled out a knife and slipped it in pails hand with an ackward movement Paul got his ropes free and turned around and cut Tina loose They quickly got free and swam to the edge of the tank and climbed out their clothes wet they felt their way to the big door and tried the knob it was unlocked we must be in the aquarium in the center of town They used to store fish in the tanks common I think we can slip home now their thinking were dying They came across the cemetery and Paul moved the headstone back and helped Tina down the ladder They reached the bottom of the tunnel and headed for paul house they walked awhile then reached the entrance to his home they climbed up the ladder and removed the floor board back aside looking first to make sure theres no surprises once it was clear they climbed up and went inside and placed the board back

Paul finally embraced and kissed Tina passionly"lets get you out of those wet close"as he smiled He removed her blouse and slipped it off and reached behind her and UN hooked her bra exposing her wet breast and UN tied her shoes and slipped them off as well and unbuttoned her soaked jeans and pulled them down and helped her out of them he took off her soaked panties as well Tina did the same to Paul removed his pullover shirt and removed his soaked t-shirt and bent down to untie his shoes and took both of them off She UN snapped his wet jeans and pulled them down revealing his soaked speedos and his hairy wet legs And pushed himon the bed and tugged his jeans off and slid down his wet speedo,s exposing his nude body

They went to the bed and pulled back the covers which felt warm to their cold nude bodies and made  love For hours for what all they been through hours later they woke up and Paul got up and went to his closet and found a shirt for Tina and a pair of his jeans"it might be a little large these jeans but they,ll do" he laid them on the bed "I,m in no hurry " smiled Tina gonna have to destroy this wicked town once and for all Paul walked over to a picture of a man and woman in front of a farm and removed the picture behind it was a built in safe Paul dialed a combination and opened the safe "I was hoping I would never have to use these with that he pulled out a box and a bunch of sticks of dynomite" chargers"Paul explained were gonna blow up the city its getting dark soon that's the best time "he explained when it gets dark enough well plant these chargers and destroy the town with one swift push and Paul had a thought "you like costume parties" love them why asked Tina he winked at her I have a plan trust me

Back in town al was looking at his watch Ben and the other townsmen were sitting around drinking coffee "I think our guest are just abour drown bout now " come on everyone lets go fishing " al walked out of the café followed by several men and walked through town until they came to a building that read CITY AQUARIUM al opened the big doors and went inside followed by the other men "ok drain the tanks" ordered al when the tanks were drained there was no signs of Tina and Paul one of the deputies came running in "there gone"!!! shouted the deputy suddenly out a shadow a ghostly figured appeared "helloooooooooooo al I been waiting for you al and the rest turned around and had a scared look on their faces al walked close "Tina is that youuuuuuuuu he stuttered"? why yes al you don't recognize me several men walked back slowly as Tina walked towards them tripping over each other

she continued "because you killed me your town is gonna pay she pointed her finger in the air from the city was a huge explosion the men looked out the door and notices the pool hall went up in flames now wait said al please reconsider she motion her hand again and another explosion this time it was the library "we quit shouted the deputies several men took off running until al was left standing say good bye to your town al old boy Tina gave her hand a down gesture one by one the town building exploded the last standing building was the reststop café Tina removed her wig and wiped her face off

revealing herself to him" you your not dead" asked al "nope and neither is Paul looks like your town left you al" from underneath her bra she pulled out a pistol "lets move sheriff pointing the gun towards the street Tina marched al towards town in front of the café"hold it she ordered "ok baby its all clear out from around the corner appeared Paul he walked over and kissed Tina "great job doll oscar performance " from the distance they heard sirens" well looks like the explosion woke up the nearby town" tell your café goodbye al" with that he made a clicking motion and the café exploded he threw the charger to al "your baby al "said Paul moments later when the smoke cleared there was nothing left but rubble only thing remained was the sign RESTSTOP CAFÉ HOME OF THE BIGGIE BURGER COME IN FOR A BITE several troopers arrived and got out drawing their guns " everyone hands up" ordered the troopers

Tina and Paul walked slowly to the troopers car "its ok officers I'm the cook and this my fiance Tina looked at Paul strangly

" This man needs to be arrested for destroying his town sheriff AL" the troopers surrounded AL and cuffed him with handcuffs and led him to a patrol car and placed him inside "you two ok a trooper asked We are now" answered Tina as she kissed Paul "can we take you somewhere they asked " Yea the nearest justice of the peace" as Paul winked they climbed in the back of the other patrol car and they took off " fiance" huh asked Tina Paul then reached in his pocket and pulled out a diamond And slipped it on her finger "Tina wincastle will you marry me" asked Paul " don't know" replied Tina can you cook"? they kissed each other and snuggled " you bet " answered Tina as they were heading out the city limits they notice a trooper was putting up a sign they turned back and read it Clarksville CLOSED DUE TO REPAIRS " lets get out of this town"remarked Paul


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