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A Sense of Alienation


Yi Arum

I love my mother,

and I hear my mother's voice everyday by telephone.

She loves to hear my daughter and my son's voice.

When I was a child, I was afraid of her.

I didn't tell her my inner thoughts -

she must have been angry then.

she must be laughing at me...

No I was wrong....

She gave me wise advice.

My mother kept me a lot from the world.

Now she regrets that she made me weak.

I don't think so...

She showed me how to live well...

I know how she loves us.

I remember I didn't show my love to her,

When I was an undergraduate student,

She wanted to hear my university life,

but I didn't tell her anything.

One day I watched a family drama.

A daughter came home

and her mother opened the door with a smile.

She said hi to her mother without a smile,

and entered her room and closed her door.

The mother felt lonely and unhappy with her life.

I felt my mother is also in need of discussion with me.

After I watched it, I told my life to her every day.

If you feel you need a friend,

then prepare two cups of coffee please...

and knock at your parent's door to drink coffee together.

I bet you will feel nice

and your parent will not feel

the sense of alienation from you....

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