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Dear My Brother


Yi Arum

Every young Korean boy has to go to the army.

They have to serve there for twenty four months.

When I was a child, I used to write letters for them at school.

Just like this;

"Dear soldier,

thank you for keeping us well and you are brave..."

When I was 24,

my brother was 23 and he had to serve the army.

I used to write letters for him,

"Dear my brother,

you endure well there, please be well..."

Most rich people hide their sons to avoid serving the army.

The day when my brother left home,

My mother wrote to him;

"Dear my son,

you will learn how to survive in this world.

I love you, please be healthy..."

I used to write a lot for them

and I still want to write letters for them.

If nobody serve the army, I am not here,

and the most important thing is that they miss letters.

Whenever I ask them their life there,

they answered me,

they are always hungry though they eat a lot.

They miss their mother a lot, and their girlfriend a lot.

And I also missed them while they were serving there.

I don't like war movies,

but now I know why they make war movies.

It is a message for a better world in peace...

If our country also do unificate each other as Germany,

My brothers do not have to serve the army.

I hope the day come while I am alive....

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