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The Meaning of Life


Yohan S.

v2 Perspective #1."Let those who have ears let them hear."

[ Start Date: Monday,  February 11th, 2002. Time: 1:18 a.m.  -  End Date: Thursday, May 2nd, 2002. Time: 12:55 a.m. ] 
[ by Yohan Stuart Timothy Sydney Jr. ]

Before recorded time, space, reality, man, and existence, there was only darkness.  The universe was void, baron, and without form.  And the Lord our God said let there be light and then there was light.  And God saw the light and it was good!  As a result of that event, thus sparks the state of being or the essence of creation, through God's own imagination.  Undocumented moments in time pass, and God then creates what is concealed in his own endless imagination.  Space, time, and reality now immerge into existence because of his will and now lay before his glory. 

In some unknown time God then reveals what he's created to his son and to all who exist before the creation of this life.  Naturally they are all pleased!  All accept one rebellious hostile and deceitful entity.   His name was Lucifer, God's second in command at that particular moment in time.  Lucifer has many names the Accuser, the Destroyer, the Evil One, the Father of Lies, the Devil or Satan etc…  Nonetheless no matter which way you look at it he's still the bringer of death, the harbinger of evil.  He comes but only to destroy, to defile, and to desecrate. 

Consequently because of his selfish, jealous, greedy, and evil thoughts he betrayed his own creator in a futile attempt to overthrow God, and to gain an untold amount of power.  This was the ultimate mistake.  In turn the consequences of his actions were severe.  As he reverted to his true state, he was then defeated by Michael, the leader of the Archangels and was cast out of heaven.  So to were 1/3 of heaven's army cast out of heaven, and descended into hell along side Lucifer, in whom they trusted and believed in.  

They all dwell eternally in that place therein, that place which they call hell.  Those angels were the fallen, the ones who chose to rebel against their creator, their heritage, their origin, their master, and evidently their God.  Sadly in the end they shall ultimately perish because of the misuse of their God given powers that they've corrupted to serve their own evil motives and intentions. 

Time passes; God then decides to make a pristine creation, individually unique from all others, which have since been created before and after it.  It's made in his own likeness, and is formed of the earth but is given the gift of life through God's own breath.  Perhaps the true reason why this new creation was chosen to be created is to someday be made worthy to replenish the ranks of the absent 1/3 of Heaven's army, which chose to rebel against God.  Upon completion of this new creation it is given a name "Adam". 

He's given power over all other life forms which all dwell in the Garden of Eden.  Pleased with what he sees God then allows Adam to interact with his immediate surroundings already inside the garden.  As Adam frolics, he brings much happiness in Gods sight.  As a result God then decides to create another, but from Adam.  Possibly it was a gesture of great love for Adam, God decided to bring as much happiness to Adam as Adam brought to God!  After the creation of the second it's given the name "Eve" and is made equal to the first "Adam".  Unlike the first creation the second was created to accompany it's predecessor as a companion, in the gift of life.

As they matured with one another both beings became found of each other.  Through mutual conversation, gestures, perspectives and individual preferences they in time made a unique mental, spiritual, and physical bond between one another.  This is still unknown to all others after them even to this day.  During those unknown moments in all of existence the evil one was busily scheming up ways on how his plan to rebel against God was going to commence. 

Alas, how he gained access and acquired the power to take the form of the snake is beyond me.  Possibly man is not yet eligible to possess such knowledge, as to it's potential consequences it could inflict on the one who obtains it.  Nonetheless once Lucifer proceeded to test Humanity through his various forms of deception, temptation, and persuasion the results of his insidious deeds were disastrous. 

Upon the act of the first sin mankind unknowingly forfeited its power over evil, and in turn over the Devil the one who is the very manifestation of evil.  As punishment God then bestowed upon both factions of Humanity the appropriate consequences of their sins.  Following that, the two were then cast out of the garden and left to fend for themselves; all awhile still not knowing that God was still with them despite their disobedience.

Over time, unseen by our eyes the two became many and the many in turn raised unknown masses.  Birth-by-birth, day-by-day, year-by-year, the masses flourished and multiplied hastily!  Each person with it's own individual thoughts, opinions, and choices forms unique thought patterns.  As a result they decide to depart and venture out into unchartered regions of the earth uninhabited by Humanity, but were occupied by various life forms both visible and invisible. 

It's possible that those that were invisible were actually fallen angels belonging to the devil, but concealed in multiple false appearances dwelling at various locations in the world.  Nonetheless they thrived and replenished their numbers while adapting both mentally and physically to their new surroundings.  Just as animals utilize vital knowledge when they conform to their native habitats, based on the previous wisdom they've inherited from their ancestors.    

With precise contemplation all groups of people forge various cultures and civilizations.  All filled with unique agricultural, domestic, educational, and spiritual, views.  Views of which originate from a collection of factual, and possibly fictional information passed down from generation to generation by their original predecessors.  Ultimately because of the presence of ignorance, greed, selfishness, envy, hate, jealousy, or fear in the hearts and minds of certain members of Humanity hardened their hearts. The act of war was now coming into to full swing. 

As the ages pass by untold numbers of people, be they men, women, or children alike were slaughtered.  What for you ask, all in their foolish quest to gain power and to wield it over others.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely and it often destroys the ones who seek to possess it.  In time era by era recedes into past factions of history.  Incomprehensible amounts of individuals immerge and depart in and out of the physical world, but only a few chosen are really awake. 

They're mentally aware of the visually concealed events, which transpire in and around them, every instant in time that they exist within their solitary vessels in this reality.  For the duration of their lifetimes they've accumulated an array of different experiences both natural and supernatural.  At various periods in the lives of the few they all eventually come to the same broader conclusion.

"Humanity shouldn't concern themselves on ways of devising plans on how to destroy itself, we all should unite together and prepare to challenge the true evil.”  He has many names, and forms which spans many different cultures, but in the end he brings only death and despair to those who seek him.  Turn to him and fool no one but yourself.  “One should not tamper with things that are not of good in nature, it is not the true way of things."    

The meaning of life is to exist in peace with one another, to respect all of the creatures of God, to grow to maturity in God the father, to protect the earth and all who live therein.  For you see we are all members of a higher order, we are all children of God the Father!  Since he created us we should obey and act accordingly to his words.  In my own opinion the whole reason for this life is quite simple.  Before we were sentient, self-conscious, and self-aware individuals, individuals with the gift of freedom of choice, the whole essence of our very beings existed through God.  And in God we were pure, holy, and sinless.  Eventually we all immerge into the world unwillingly, frightened, but in time we learn to adapt, becoming new members of Humanity. 

Some of us are supposed to come into the real world, and some aren't.  Not all of us are meant for this world; some of us have more pressing matters to tend to.  Ultimately it's God's decision to make in the end, and he owes us all no immediate explanation as to what he decides for us. We are his creations he is not our creation.  You see those who choose to believe in God, choose to believe in the truth, like it or not.  So you see you need not question the actions of God because he's greater than us, and he greater than any evil.  As a result they who truly believe in him, yielded to his glory, and have done good works in the Lord's eyes shall reap what they have sown.   

Life is a test filled with trials and tribulations, some good some bad and it's up to us to choose which path we’ll take in this life.  I think that we were all born in this world because God wants to see what path we will choose to take in life.  God just wants to see what our true intentions will be in the end so that he can make his final decision upon where we will consequently end up.   So that when we are remade into new beings, the whole cycle of war in heaven won't repeat it's self all over again.    Who knows, perhaps once we are remade into new creations we'll be able to join the ranks of Heaven's hierarchy based on the core of our beings.  

To know God is to know the truth, the way, and the life!  Everyone already knows this, somewhere deep in the depths of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.  It's up to you and me to choose which path we want to take.  But know this, it's God's wish for all to live our true lives with him again forever and ever, why because this is our birthright so saith the Lord!  In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit amen.  

The End

Copyright ©2003, by Yohan Stuart Timothy Sydney Jr.  All Right's Reserved.

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