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The Turnpikes of Blissfulness


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter Two

As our plane took a landing on Florida soil, we then proceed to Cypress Gardens, a botanical park in Winter Haven. The park, to me, was as remarkable as any other scenic location in the Southeast. A placid lake, daunting willows, and a plethora of chiritudinous flowers bedeck the park. In my opinion, I would consider it more than beautiful, for it was a lovely, fair garden.

As we explore Cypress Gardens, we beheld a group of Southern Belles on the other bank of the lake. Perceiving how beautiful they are, I had a mass of desire rushing from my minuscule cranium to my balls of my feet. It urges me to swim there so I can get a better glimpse on them, even though I'm too young for even swimming lessons. Ophelia and Isaias wheeled my stroller across a bridge that leads to a pavilion, not leading to these Southern Belles seated on the lawn.

When we passed by there, the same activity that we did was a smidgen similar to the one in Dallas Airport's waiting room. I was wondering around the area like an Ian Bostridge in a pink dress doing a filmed version of a Schubert song-cycle. That "Es ist Vollbracht" kind of feeling leapt onto me again as Ophelia tickled my sides. Afterwards, she handed me something to feast on and said, "Grandma, we're feeding her so she won't get hungry."

After all the fun, we retired to the stadium for a ski show, where things get wild, especially in December 1991. The best part was when these women dance ballet and do acrobatics while skiing at the same time. When the show had finished, we went to the greenhouse as red as if it were overtaken by poinsettias The same old activities were at it again, the same ones we did at both the airport and the pavilion.

Then we headed to Sea World, which was to me, the aquarium of Orlando. The highlight of our trip was the show starring Shamu the killer whale, which outfoxes all other attractions in the park. After we watched it, we saw another one I didn't receive my liking in it: Clyde and Seamore: 1,000 BC The boredom of this trip melted away as we headed on to Walt Disney World, which towers above all the places we have gone.

Chapter Three

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