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The Turnpikes of Blissfulness


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter Three

When we entered Magic Kingdom, I was mesmerized by the sight of it, even though I, as an infant, have neither heard of it nor the rest of Walt Disney World. On both sides, the street near the entrance was like a 1890s main drag with a castle overlooking it. That was Main Street USA, a part of the park that leads to Cinderella's Castle behind the topiary that looked like the number twenty, written fancily. The reason why that floral arrangement was that it was the resort's twentieth anniversary. If I were more mature than the age of that time, I would enjoy it even more.

When we were seated on the curbs of Main Street USA, we watched a frenzied, if not exotic parade reflecting on that event. The music accompanying it was cheesy and bouncy, it feels like a carnival decorating the whole parade route, if not the remainder of Magic Kingdom. The rest of the parade really seems like half of the park transformed into New Orleans in the time of Mardi Gras and the other one changed dramatically into some part of Latin America which throws carnivals before Lent every year. It seems like if Mickey Mouse had planned an event which was usually followed by a downhearted, religious event year long.

After the parade has completed, we watched another that was really short, which reflects the holiday season. In this processional, two elves pushed their towers of candy down the street, followed by these red and green dancers who are supposed to be peppermints. Then, there was a gingerbread house with Mrs. Claus on board, on her rocker, in front of a bunch of costumed characters who greeted most of the parade viewers. The trees, snowmen, gingerbread men, wintery ladies, and reindeer were dancing along with them. It was not only Santa, who was perched on his sleigh on the rooftop, who topped off the parade, but a big balloon ornament of him with a green mitten raised vertically was the last and most alluring sight of it.

We then proceed to Frontierland, where we would watch two more parades. An eight-horse open calliope lead the first, playing music more cheesier than the "Surprise" parade. Then the first one, entitled Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade, was headed with horses, a royal band, and a group of dancers. They are followed by a float with the cast of "Sleeping Beauty" on board, which proceeds the magnificent, pumpkin-shaped stagecoach carrying Cinderella with her mice friends and her fairy godmother on the rear. Those were just the first few sights of the parade, but I believe that there's room for more units.

Chapter Four

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